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The current situation of the flexible packaging market in North America (I)

the driving force of the flexible packaging market

in September 2005, the American Flexographic Printing Technology Association (FTA) released the first comprehensive market survey results. Nearly half (47%) of the printers and processors believed that the continuous improvement of printing quality requirements was the main driving force for the development of the flexible packaging market. 14% of the respondents believe that the second main driving factor is the continuous improvement of the performance of flexible packaging itself. The current flexible packaging has longer shelf life, higher anti pollution protection and convenience of use, such as re sealable flexible packaging

the printers and processors who participated in the FTA survey also pointed out that the market recognition of shrink packaging is continuously improving and playing an increasingly important role in daily life. 12% of the respondents believe that shrink packaging occupies a very important position in the whole flexible packaging market

another factor that promotes the development of the flexible packaging towel market is the investigation on the improvement of the performance of the packaging materials. This is a relatively original experimenter who tests the spring characteristics of materials. He believes that the continuous renewal and improvement of materials play a great role in promoting the flexible packaging market. For example, the improved barrier film, innovative composite material technology and lower cost and thinner materials are controlling the development direction of the market

8% of the respondents believed that the popularity of self-supporting bags also played a certain role in promoting the flexible packaging market. At the same time, other advantages of flexible packaging, such as reducing the amount of materials (compared with container packaging), reusability and other environmental issues, were also considered as a major market driving force by 7% of the respondents. In addition, 2% of the respondents believe that the increasing use of cooking bags has also had an important impact on the flexible packaging market

development of functional flexible packaging

we have heard many reports about the strategic role of packaging in brand innovation and product protection. The success of flexible packaging can not only depend on high-quality patterns and printing effects, but also provide consumers with more convenience

at present, the world produces billions of various packaging bags every year, and people's pursuit of packaging convenience is endless. Repeatable sealed packaging technology is a good innovation and has been applied in practice. North America sells 5billion to 7billion resealable packaging bags every year. If a product has not adopted this design, consumers are likely to use other resealable packaging bags for re packaging, then the brand, color and publicity effect of the product will no longer exist

convenience and functionality of various styles of flexible packaging; This has played a very important role in the global growth of flexible packaging and its wider recognition by consumers. The convenience of resealable packaging technology and the method and equipment of adding resealable packaging make this technology more economical and feasible

from the perspective of consumers, the most ideal repeatable sealing technology is compression zipper flexible packaging, sliding zipper flexible packaging and mouth flexible packaging. Moreover, the development of these functional flexible packaging will continue to drive the innovation of flexible packaging technology and expand the application of flexible packaging

pressing and sliding zipper packaging bags

behind the most common and economical assembly lines: continuous production automobile manufacturers, direct suppliers and material manufacturers have conducted close cooperation and orderly division of labor in the vehicle assembly process. Zippers are pressing zippers. Most equipment manufacturers that provide vertical forming/filling/sealing or horizontal forming/filling/sealing have improved this technology and system, This enables online zipper processing during packaging and processing. Zipper can be used in the form of back cover type, pillow type, upright bag type, three side or piece side seal and thermoforming type. According to different sizes of packaging bags, there are various zippers suitable for small size to heavy-duty large-size packaging bags

generally speaking, zippers can be selected according to the resin compatibility with the bag material. There are polypropylene compatible zippers, PVC zippers and even degradable plastic zippers suitable for different bag materials in the market. The resealable zipper technology can now even be applied to multi-layer paper bags. The zipper supplier should be able to help the user select the most suitable package size, type and material for the user

the sliding zipper invented and promoted by Alcoa presto, Z Ru Pak and pact IV has developed rapidly in recent years. According to statistics, consumers often prefer this kind of packaging form that is easy to open and seal, which once again proves the importance of packaging convenience. Cheese packaging first adopted the compression zipper flexible packaging as the standard style, but now almost all cheese packaging has turned to the sliding zipper. The second largest milk in the United States is also the reason for the soaring price of raw materials. 1. The cheese manufacturer sargento food company first upgraded the zipper packaging of milk and cheese products, followed by Kraft food company. Due to the high cost of the sliding zipper itself and the zipper installation technology, this repeatable sealing technology is more suitable for products with larger specifications and higher prices, such as frozen food and non food applications, such as agriculture and industry. Conversely, consumers' preferences will promote the development of the market, and visionary companies will choose this technology

soft packaging bag with mouth

whether the mouth is made in advance and then filled and sealed, or whether it is directly formed, filled and sealed, the design of soft packaging with mouth is really unique. This kind of soft packaging can be used to package liquid or semi liquid products. We will gradually see the use of soft packaged beverages, condiments, personal care products and many other products. As a unique design, the mouth increases the functionality of flexible packaging. At the same time, the mouth design can also have many different styles and structures. For example, combined with the sealing structure, it can provide anti-theft mouth, child safety mouth, etc

flexible packaging printing

if the just concluded print05 converting05 exhibition gives us any hint, it is that more and more commercial printers are planning to enter the flexible packaging market. There is only one real reason, that is, the continuous strong growth of the flexible packaging industry. As commercial printers see attractive business opportunities and profits in the packaging and printing market, the entire printing industry is gradually integrating. In some developing countries in Europe, Asia and other regions, there is no obvious boundary between commercial printing and packaging printing, but it is very interesting in North America. There are more than 100000 foam pelletizing machines. Commercial printing is basically the world of offset printing and gravure printing, while packaging printing mainly adopts flexographic printing, which is a problem that commercial printers must face when transforming

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