Current situation of small offset press in China

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Current situation of small offset press in China

small format offset press means that the effective printing area is 520 × Small offset printing machine with format below 360 (mm). In the past 10 years, the small format offset press has undergone many changes. In the early 1990s, the traditional small offset press entered a peak. There were two monochrome multi-functional small offset presses on the light-duty dial, which became the main model in the short version fast printing market. The world's installed capacity was more than 10000 units per year

detection and control are two different concepts. Compared with the world's advanced small offset press technology, especially in the field of small format offset press, we still stay at the development level of international small offset press ten years ago. In foreign countries, the production scale of small-scale monochrome Offset printing machines continues to shrink, and the field of short version rapid printing is developing towards digitalization and multi-color and high automation of traditional offset printing machines. China's small offset printing machines are still at the low level of monochrome printing machines, and the number of factories is growing from 10 to more than 40. China's small offset printing technology all comes from abroad. In 1976, Yingkou Guanhua produced China's first small offset printing machine. Up to now, the pattern of multi variety, multi specification and diversified small offset printing machines has been formed. In China, there are many kinds of small offset printing machines of various models, and their product technology sources can be divided into two modes - the Japanese mode and the European and American mode

the first channel - purchase or introduce a full set of production and manufacturing technologies (all drawings, complete assembly, commissioning and inspection processes, as well as some special tooling, fixtures and equipment). Only Yingkou Guanhua and Weihai Bintian can achieve this in China

the second channel - only foreign product drawings and some parts are purchased, instead of complete assembly, commissioning and inspection processes and equipment. There are also two manufacturers in China

the third channel - purchase foreign prototypes, and obtain drawings for production and manufacturing through various abnormal means

compared with the small offset printing machines in developed countries in the world, except for the manufacturers that have introduced a full set of technologies, such as Weihai Bintian and Yingkou Guanhua, most of the small offset printing machines are divided into products for cultivating and developing the new material industry. There is a certain gap in terms of internal quality and performance stability, as well as the processing accuracy of parts and components and the quality stability of the whole machine. At present, small format offset printing machines in China can be divided into four categories: desktop small offset printing machines, monochrome light small offset printing machines, multi-functional small offset printing machines and heavy commercial small offset printing machines

small desktop offset press:

small desktop offset press is a small desktop offset press with relatively simple structure, low performance and no strict requirements on the quality of printed matter. It was originally designed for office use. In foreign countries, desktop offset printing machines are almost eliminated in foreign countries. Only Japan Eastern Airlines is still producing a small number of 820 desktop offset printing machines

monochrome light-duty small offset press:

monochrome light-duty small offset press is a kind of light-duty monochrome printing small offset press with relatively simple structure (compared with pure commercial printing press), but high print quality, good quality performance, high speed, simple and practical operation. The original design is high-grade office light printing, and some customers are also used for short version fast monochrome commercial printing. In foreign countries, only a few manufacturers, such as Japan's leyoubi, Hamada, China Eastern Airlines and America's ebardie, are still producing light monochrome small offset printing machines. There are only a few manufacturers and products producing light monochrome Offset printing machines in China, among which the yk1800 series of Yingkou Guanhua still maintains mass production. Up to now, the operation steps of light single are as follows: the color offset press has always been the absolute advantage of Yingkou Guanhua

multi functional small offset press:

the multi-functional small offset press expands its functions according to the needs of the printing market on the basis of the light monochrome small offset press, such as adding a rule to cross the bridge to realize the chromatic printing function, adding a two-color head to realize the two-color printing function, adding a number printing unit to realize the functions of number printing (straight, horizontal), hole pressing line (straight, horizontal), resin printing, cutting, etc., so as to realize high-quality and fast monochrome printing, It can also meet the multi-functional needs of users. The multi-functional printing machine is generally used in the field of short version rapid commercial printing. Foreign multi-functional small offset printing machines have also been classified into the category of light monochrome machines, of which the most famous are leyoubi and Hamada. At present, the well-known manufacturers of multi-functional small offset printing machines in the Chinese market include Weihai Bintian, Yingkou Guanhua, Weihai printing machine, Weifang Huaguang, beiren second printing machine and Beijing Duoyuan. These five enterprises occupy 80% of the domestic multi-functional small offset printing machine market

heavy duty commercial small offset printing machine:

heavy duty commercial small offset printing machine is a small format printing machine for pure commercial use. It has the structural characteristics of a large printing machine. It adopts the Feida paper feeding structure of continuous paper supply. In particular, the paper transmission structure adopts the paper delivery tooth row for transmission. It has high printing speed and good print quality. It can meet the needs of users for a variety of functions. It is the most ideal equipment for rapid commercial short version printing. In the world, only Heidelberg of Germany, leyoubi of Japan, Hamada of Japan, Shinohara of Japan, rota of Germany and Adast of the Czech Republic produce small format heavy-duty offset printing machines. The heavy-duty small format offset printing machine itself is a kind of high-grade printing machine, and there are not many manufacturers producing such high-grade heavy-duty printing machines in China

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