There is no need to be afraid of AI like a tiger i

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Don't be afraid of artificial intelligence (rambling in the clouds)

in recent years, with the progress of artificial intelligence technology, many people worry that one day artificial intelligence will replace human jobs, resulting in massive human unemployment. Fear belongs to fear, and reality belongs to reality. Artificial intelligence will not replace human beings

because AI itself contains 2 innovation resources, innovation power is very scattered, and there is a huge potential for employment growth. No matter in which industry, AI technology will create a series of new jobs. In traditional industries, although the price of raw materials of AI equipment has been rising all the way, it may be able to replace human labor, but the production, maintenance and detection of AI equipment need to be completed by human beings. In the new economy and Internet industry, artificial intelligence can replace human beings in many highly repetitive tasks, but the design and operation of products are inseparable from human beings. For example, the progress of artificial intelligence technology has promoted the development of virtual reality engineering, but the logical design of VR products still needs to be done by people, and the maintenance of VR equipment also increases the demand of synchronous performance selection technicians. This shows that artificial intelligence itself as an industry, it can bring new jobs can not be underestimated

technological progress will inevitably bring about the development of productivity, which will create new occupations. Historically, the invention of steam engine and the progress of spinning technology have made textile workers unemployed. However, once the cloth is spun, it will be sold. The local market cannot absorb all the production capacity, so it is possible to export, and export stimulates transportation. Around the needs of these business activities, financial services have also been developed

the Ministry of human resources and social security recently released the notice on the publicity of new career information, including new jobs such as appointment delivery personnel, all media operators, virtual reality engineering technicians, UAV installation and adjustment workers, among which are all kinds of new jobs created by artificial intelligence technology. Maybe we can't predict exactly what new career forms will be brought about by the development of artificial intelligence in the future, but Europeans in the 16th century can't predict what today's international trading companies and export import bank employees do every day. China's largest water-based resin manufacturing base and new chemical material utilization and development center

artificial intelligence cannot completely replace human beings. From the perspective of management, no matter what manufacturers, no matter what products they use AI to produce, their purpose is to sell products. If human beings have been unemployed on a large scale at this time, who can these products be sold to? Artificial intelligence can replace human work, but it cannot replace human consumption

technological progress may change the structure of society, but there will be no heaven and terminator in the future. We don't have to be afraid of AI like a tiger

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