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Cause analysis and preventive measures of boiler pressure vessel explosion accident

1) water vapor explosion: the vessel breaks, and the pressure on the liquid level in the vessel instantly drops to atmospheric pressure. At this time, saturated water above 100 ℃ under the original working pressure becomes extremely unstable and difficult to exist under atmospheric pressure. Part of it is instantaneous vaporization, and the volume suddenly expands many times, forming an explosion in the space around the vessel

2) overpressure explosion: boiler explosion caused by the pressure borne by the main pressure bearing parts of the boiler, such as the cylinder, head, tube plate, furnace liner, etc., exceeding their bearing capacity due to various reasons. The preventive measures are mainly to strengthen operation management

3) explosion caused by defects: it refers to that the pressure borne by the boiler does not exceed the rated pressure, but the main pressure bearing parts of the boiler lose their bearing capacity and suddenly break and explode in a large area due to cracks, serious deformation, corrosion, structural changes and other conditions

the preventive measures are mainly to strengthen the boiler inspection and avoid the defective operation of the main pressure parts of the boiler

4) serious water shortage leads to explosion: many of the main pressure bearing parts of the boiler, such as drum, head, tube plate, furnace liner, etc., are directly heated by flame. Once the boiler is seriously short of water, the above-mentioned main pressure parts cannot be cooled normally, or even burned, and the metal temperature rises sharply or even burns red. It is strictly forbidden to add water in such a water shortage situation, and the boiler should be shut down immediately. If water is supplied to a boiler that is seriously short of water, the universal experimental machine often has various structures and performance characteristics, resulting in explosion accidents. Boilers that are dry burned for a long time without water will also explode

the main measure to prevent this kind of explosion is also to strengthen operation management

2. causes of pressure vessel explosion accidents and preventive measures

causes of accidents: overpressure, overtemperature, partial damage of vessels, failure of safety devices, etc


a. shock wave and its destructive effect: shock wave overpressure will cause casualties of human corkgel, an innovative materialman of selle Royal, and damage to buildings

b. destructive effect of blasting debris: cause serious injury or death, damage nearby equipment and pipelines, and cause secondary accidents

c. medium damage: medium damage mainly refers to the toxicity of toxic medium and scald of high-temperature water vapor

d. secondary explosion and combustion: when the medium contained in the container is combustible liquefied gas, the container bursts and explodes, forming a large amount of combustible vapor on the site, and immediately mixes with the air to form an explosive mixture. In the diffusion, it forms a secondary explosion in the presence of open fire, which often turns the vicinity of the site into a sea of fire, causing major harm


(1) in design, reasonable structure should be adopted

what are the advantages of the electronic testing machine over the hydraulic joint testing machine in terms of service performance

(2) during manufacturing, repair, installation and transformation, strengthen welding management, improve welding quality, and carry out heat treatment and flaw detection according to the specification requirements; Strengthen material management and avoid using defective materials or wrong steel and welding materials

(3) strengthen the use management to avoid operation errors, over temperature, over pressure, over load operation, out of inspection, out of repair, safety applicable to a variety of standards, whole device failure, etc

(4) strengthen the inspection work, find defects in time and take effective measures

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