Cause analysis and preventive measures of fire in

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Cause analysis and preventive measures of fire in oil tank farm

oil and its products are flammable, explosive, easy to evaporate, easy to generate static electricity, easy to expand when heated, easy to flow and diffuse, and can float on water, so there is a great risk of fire and explosion. The oil tank farm has the characteristics of tall tanks, different types, many types of oil products, large storage capacity, explosive power battery industry's explosive growth has directly driven the corresponding shipments of H3PO4 iron Li and 3-yuan cathode materials. The reasons for explosion and fire are diverse, and fire fighting is difficult. Large capacity oil tank fire may also cause continuous explosion, boiling and splashing, tank deformation and collapse and other hazards. Therefore, it is of great significance to prevent oil tank fires

1 Statistics of fire in oil tank farm

in the past 10 years, there have been a total of 16 catastrophic fires in oil tank 5. Electronic tensile testing machine travel protection: mechanical and computer dual protection zones, and the causes of the fires are diverse. The statistical results are shown in Table 1

Table 1 Statistics of fire causes in oil tank farm

with the rapid development of petrochemical production, the oil storage capacity in the tank farm increases, and the losses caused by fire have an upward trend, so the indirect economic losses are greater. Therefore, analyzing the causes of fire in the tank farm and mastering the occurrence and development law of fire in the tank farm have important guiding significance for the prevention of fire in the tank farm

2 cause analysis of fire

2.1 cause of formation of fire source in tank farm

2.1 1. Running, emitting, dripping and leaking are the main reasons for the formation of flammable and explosive substances. Not strictly following the operating procedures, unreasonable design and installation, untimely inspection and maintenance, etc., are easy to cause running, emitting, dripping and leakage. For example, the oil tank fire in the refinery of an oil company in Nanjing on October 21st, 1998 was caused by the operator staggering the outlet valve of the oil tank, resulting in roof fall and overflow, and explosion in case of open fire

2.1.2 the accumulation and out of control of oil vapor emitted into the atmosphere by the oil vapor emission source and the evaporation of residual oil products are another important factor for the formation of flammable and explosive system around the oil tank farm. Mr. zobel estimated that the sales revenue of his business department accounts for 15% - 20% of the total sales revenue of the group. For example, in 2000, a petrochemical company in Tianjin did not complete the shutdown treatment of sulfur-containing waterproof tanks. During the tank cleaning operation, the deposited oil and gas volatilized due to agitation, and flashed and caught fire when encountering welding slag

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