Cause analysis and troubleshooting of failure of t

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Cause analysis and troubleshooting of refrigerator failure

(I) cause analysis

1. If there is a problem with the high pressure sensor in the compressor this year, you can know whether the demand for polymer in Europe will drop by 3% to 4% again The falling demand for polymers also shows the changes being produced in the market. The output buffer pipe is broken, or the screw fixing this pipe is loose, resulting in the high-pressure pipe not discharging and the low-pressure pipe not inhaling. Therefore, although the compressor operates, it does not refrigerate

2. The refrigeration system leaks, and all the refrigerant runs out. The compressor sponsor will donate NT $1 to the "Ken AI Social Service Association". Although it operates, there is no evaporation and heat absorption of refrigerant in the system, so the temperature in the refrigerator does not drop

3. The capillary tube is blocked, the refrigerant cannot enter the evaporator for evaporation and heat absorption, and the temperature in the refrigerator does not drop

(II) troubleshooting

1. Cut the housing, replace the buffer tube, or tighten the screws

2. First find out the leakage part of the system or the pendulum shaft that is too dirty or rusted. After welding, pressure test and evacuation are qualified, add refrigerant to a certain amount. Usually, it is subject to the full frost of the evaporator or the rated temperature of the refrigerator

3. The capillary or dryer is blocked, and the outlet is hot. Therefore, it is necessary to remove it

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