Cause analysis and prevention of sliding hook of t

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Cause analysis and prevention of tower crane sliding hook

in the construction of high-rise buildings, tower cranes are essential machinery, and when the tower crane lifts and lowers the hook, the sliding hook of the hook is particularly harmful, ranging from the collision between building materials and on-site facilities, to the destruction of equipment and casualties. The author makes a brief analysis of the accident that caused the sliding hook in the work, which was originally the latest thermal insulation material at present, and the preventive measures taken by this kind of experimental machine to adopt a large flow servo valve system:

first, the fixing screws of the contactor power supply incoming and outgoing lines in the tower crane distribution box are loose, the connection bolts of the wiring terminal board are in poor contact, and the main contact of the contactor is in poor contact

II. The wiring bolts of the motor rotor and stator coil are ablated and have poor contact

III. The wear of high and low speed motor brake pads exceeds the requirements of the market

IV. the transmission gear is broken and the fixing gear bolts are loose

v. phase failure protector does not work

preventive measures:

first, the driver should calm down after the sliding hook phenomenon occurs in the work, and timely notify the signalman to let the ground personnel go away. Operate in accordance with the operating procedures, and place the heavy objects in the no man's land on site by means of lifting hooks, rotating arms, and trolleys

II. Do a good job of safety inspection before shift, in shift and after shift in the key places to identify the authenticity, and check it by eyes, ears, hands, etc

III. check and fasten various line connection points irregularly

IV. regularly check whether the brake pads of each brake are normal, whether the motor wiring bolts are in good contact, and whether the main contact of the contactor is in normal contact

v. maintenance personnel should be serious and responsible for their work, and do it in strict accordance with the requirements of safety operation procedures. The parts that should be replaced must be replaced, and the inspection and test run after work should be done well

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