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Cause analysis and treatment of auxiliary boiler trip

the high-pressure steam of AMV process is mainly generated by waste heat boilers 03e001, 04e001, 08e001 and an auxiliary boiler 03b003 that shares a flue with the convection section of primary reformer. The auxiliary boiler 03b003 is mainly used for auxiliary balancing. The designed maximum steam production of the auxiliary boiler is 60t/h, and the minimum is 13.2t/h. Because the system load is low, the waste heat steam production is low, the steam temperature is lower than the design value, the steam consumption of each unit is higher than the design value, and the H2O/C is high, the steam production of the auxiliary boiler is between 53 ~ 57t/h. If the auxiliary boiler trips during normal operation, the steam system will fall into a serious imbalance state. If it is not handled in time, the whole system will stop

2 cause analysis of trip of auxiliary boiler 03b003

(1) in order to protect the equipment, many interlocks are designed to ensure the safe operation of auxiliary boiler. The main interlock tripo 3.3 causing the trip of the auxiliary boiler, and the interlock logic diagram is shown in Figure 2

in the above interlocks, the fuel gas pressure of pasl03045 and pasl03058 to the auxiliary boiler is low, and the interlock is overridden. Interlocking trip o 3.3 has been triggered due to interlocking action; ① Low pasl03036/73 causes the auxiliary boiler to trip; ② Xsl03003 blower solves the problem of trip signal triggering tripo 3.3 due to insufficient material performance; ③ Pass03045 fuel gas pressure low switch offset triggered tripo3.3; ④ Lsll03004 low touch tripo 3.3

(2) in terms of operation, the factors causing the tripping of the auxiliary boiler are as follows: ① during the ignition of the auxiliary boiler, the tripping of the auxiliary boiler is caused because the air volume is not well controlled; ② During normal operation, the air-fuel ratio of f03020 auxiliary boiler was suddenly reduced to 1 by mistake, and f03019 automatic adjustment was reduced to 8km3/h (standard state), causing the auxiliary boiler to trip; ③ During the ignition and heating process of the auxiliary boiler and shutdown treatment, the low liquid level of the steam drum is interlocked, causing the auxiliary boiler to trip; ④ When the natural gas pressure p03033 is high, it turns off manually after opening the circuit, causing fuel interruption of auxiliary boiler and tripping; ⑤ Because the furnace pressure was not well controlled and kept clean, it was too high, causing the auxiliary boiler to trip

3 key points for handling after the auxiliary boiler trips during normal operation

(1) after the auxiliary boiler trips, quickly adjust the damper p03029 of the induced draft fan, track and adjust p03029 according to the current situation, control the pressure of p03023, and prevent b) trademark; Stop the shutdown of primary boiler due to low furnace negative pressure

(2) notify the dispatcher, stop urea, close p03054c valve, balance steam, and control the steam pipe

(3) adjust the high-pressure steam pipe, adjust the temperature of t03020, t85001 and t03018, slightly reduce the load of 09k001 of ice machine, 07k001 of synthetic gas compressor with high strength and shock absorption performance, and stabilize the steam pipe

(4) analyze the reasons for the shutdown, organize the instruments and post personnel to start 03b003, control the system operation, and prevent the accident from expanding

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