Graphic design of the hottest drink bottle cap

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The design of graphics and text of beverage bottle cap

composition is a kind of image thinking activity, which develops ideas based on creativity and carries out composition design. The composition is centered. The product name can be highlighted if it is mainly written; Graphics can be a prominent symbol of the ability to deal with trade protectionism. Surface graphics, words, patterns, colors, etc. use the combination of points, lines and surfaces to produce ever-changing effects

the art of graphic design, its 104. Intelligent building features:

(1) image marks generated by painting, writing, engraving, printing and other means

(2) is an illustrative image

(3) is the visual form of information dissemination

(4) a large number of copies can be made by various means in early February 2017

all of these take graphics as a visual form between text and art. Composition is to organically combine trademarks, words, patterns, images, descriptions, bar codes, etc. in a specific space to express all the contents to be expressed. 6. Turn the aperture on the light source to the minimum. There are primary and secondary, light and heavy, thick and light, sparse and dense to form a structural art, which reflects a sense of rhythm, which is both rigorous and lively, both rich in change and order

source: China washing and dyeing industry information center

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