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Grasp the skills of packaging product design

nowadays, the packaging quality of many goods is not high, and consumers are not satisfied with it, which directly affects the sales of goods. This can not be said to be a tragedy for businesses or manufacturers. This is mainly because the quality and design level of product packaging designers do not go up, so that the quality of packaging design is not high. And the taste of packaging design is mainly to grasp the skills of packaging design. So, what should we do to master the skills of packaging design? There are three main points: first, the grasp of color skills; Second, grasp the composition skills; Third, grasp the cultural connotation

first, grasp color skills

Color skills should pay attention to the following points: first, the relationship between color and packaging; The second is the contrast between color and color itself, which are the key to the use of color

(I) the reference between color and packaging

reveal or reflect the internal packaging through the external packaging color. If we enter the store, many goods do not reflect this reference relationship, so that consumers cannot think of what the packaging is from the outside to the inside, which will not play a positive role in promoting the sales of products. The normal external packaging color should grasp the following characteristics

(1) in terms of industry, the main colors of the normal colors of food, such as yellow and pink, give people a sense of warmth and closeness. Among them, tea, many use green, beverages, many use green and blue, wine and pastries mostly use bright red, and children's food uses rose. The main colors of daily cosmetics are mostly rose, pink white, light green, light blue and dark coffee, while clothing, shoes and hats are mostly dark green, dark blue, coffee or gray, so as to highlight the beauty of calm and elegance

in terms of performance characteristics, cakes and snacks are mostly golden, yellow and light yellow, giving people an impression of fragrance; Tea, beer and other beverages are mostly red or green, symbolizing the richness and aroma of tea; Tomato juice and apple juice are mostly red, indicating the natural properties of the material

(II) the contrast between color and color

this is the easiest thing to express but difficult to grasp in many commodity packaging. In Chinese calligraphy and painting, there is often a popular saying, which is called airtight and sparse, which actually refers to a kind of contrast. In packaging design, this contrast is very obvious and common. Generally, there are comparisons in the following aspects: the depth of color use, the weight of color use, the point and surface of color use, the complexity and simplicity of color use, the general ball screw ratio, the elegance and vulgarity of color use, the contrast of color use, etc

(1) contrast of color use. This is the most frequent and widely used color in packaging design at present, and is very common in many graphic designs. The contrast of depth and lightness refers to the fact that the two colors of depth and lightness appear on the same picture at the same time in the design color, producing a kind of relatively coordinated perspective effect. For example, for a large area of light color, use dark composition on it, such as light yellow, use coffee to compose, or use light yellow or white pattern lines in the coffee color block; It is also like using light green bedding; Dark green composition; Pink Bedding; Bright red composition; Light gray bedding; Soap black composition and so on. These are the contrast between the depth of color use. This form of packaging design is applied to some cosmetics packaging or wine packaging, and its visual effect is bright, simple, mild and elegant

(2) contrast of weight of color use. This is also one of the important reproduction techniques in the application of packaging color. This kind of light and light contrast is often used to set off the dignified and deep pattern on the light and simple background color, or to express the light and simple and elegant packaging theme, trademark or advertisement in the dignified and deep theme pattern. In this light and light contrast, pigments have coordinated color contrast and cold and warm color contrast, and the method of coordinated color contrast is often light green to dark green; Light yellow to dark coffee; Pink to bright red, etc., while the contrast between cold and warm colors is mostly black and white, red and blue, etc

(3) dot plane contrast of color use. This kind of contrast, mainly in the design process of a packaging picture, uses the contrast of pigment from a center or concentration point to the overall picture. In daily life, we need different information from washing cosmetics. Without clicking here to add pictures to clarify the same fixture, we can see that on a product packaging box, the whole area is clean, and a very obvious small square with heavy color appears in the middle, and then the brand and name of the packaging content are reflected on the picture of the small square, which is not only a combination of point and surface, but also a comparison between large and small

(4) complex and simple contrast of color use. On the packaging bag, the lower half is a complex pattern of instant noodles, and the upper end is a clean big green and red, highlighting the word "100". It is so simple and simple, but it creatively and independently holds out the focus of thought

(5) elegant desire contrast of color use. The expression of vulgarity is to use the "dirty" disorder and disorder of color. This composition either reveals the theme symbolically or serves as a foil to the theme. In addition to packaging, such attempts have been made in book binding, advertising, posters on posters, and leisure columns on TV

(6) contrast and contrast of color use. It is the contrast effect formed by the differences of various pigments. This contrast effect is usually expressed in the following ways: light and dark contrast; Contrast between cold and warm, such as the contrast between red and blue; Dynamic and static contrast, such as the contrast between elegant and calm background and lively and disorderly patterns and words; light and heavy contrast, such as the contrast between deep pigment and light pigment, etc

based on the above color comparison, it is completely a way to show the pattern through the comparison of the same color without 334000 tons of photovoltaic polysilicon consumption in China in 2016. However, this pigment is an essential object to form the whole packaging pattern. Therefore, in the process of studying packaging design, if we do not pay attention to the contrast relationship between color and color itself, we can't talk about designing a good packaging pattern. (to be continued)

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