Grasp the focus of clean heating

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Deeply grasp the focus of clean heating

as a new topic of the energy revolution, to promote clean heating, we must comprehensively and deeply grasp the key points and focus, and do good things

to promote clean heating, we should adhere to top-level design and overall coordination. In accordance with the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, we should give full play to the role of governments at all levels in promoting clean heating, implement the working mechanism of "provincial governments take overall responsibility and formulate implementation plans, and cities, counties and grass-roots units pay special attention to implementation", and build a scientific and efficient government promotion system

local development and reform commissions and energy bureaus should work with relevant departments to innovate systems and mechanisms, improve policies and measures, further liberalize the fields of energy and heat production and supply, guide social capital to enter the clean heating market, encourage enterprises to carry out business innovation, develop new technologies, new models, and new formats based on energy interconnection, and build an operation mode of "enterprise oriented, government driven, and residents affordable"

promoting clean heating should adhere to local conditions, which residents can afford. All localities should choose a clean heating mode with diverse ways and economic applicability according to their own energy distribution and residents' income level. Electricity is suitable, gas is suitable, renewable is suitable, coal is suitable

"changing coal to gas" should be carried out in an orderly manner on the premise of implementing the gas source, and the change should be determined by gas. In terms of electric heating, factors such as the heat load characteristics of the heating area, environmental protection and ecological requirements, power resources, and the stable and reliable electric support capacity of the products should be considered as a whole. In terms of central heating, we should consider the supply and demand of electricity and heat as a whole, and realize the coordinated and optimized operation of electricity and heat systems. For those in remote mountainous areas that cannot temporarily replace bulk coal heating with clean heating, we can also focus on the use of "clean briquette + environmental protection stoves", "biomass briquette fuel + special stoves" and other ways to replace bulk coal heating

to promote clean heating, the maturity of technology and mode is the key to the promotion and application, so that the specimen is aligned with the center line of the collet and then tighten the screw clamping key. We should strengthen technological innovation in the period of important strategic opportunities for the development of clean heating section, track the frontier development of clean heating technology, and build a number of influential clean heating technology research bases; We should focus on key equipment, promote the upgrading of clean heating equipment, improve the flexibility of cogeneration units, meet the needs of clean heating and peak shaving of power system, develop according to the current market situation, and promote the research and application demonstration of intelligent heating; We should also focus on improving the quality of clean heating equipment, promote the preparation and revision of mandatory energy-saving standards in the heating industry, strengthen quality control, and provide high-quality products to the market

to promote clean heating, we should also improve the security mechanism. The clean heating renovation project is huge and covers a wide range. Government departments should study and formulate support policies to promote clean heating, take clean heating as a key livelihood project, and effectively reduce the construction and operation costs of clean heating projects through price, subsidies, investment and financing and other policy support and guidance

at the same time, we should give play to the role of market mechanism; Further liberalize the market access of urban heating industry, encourage social capital to enter the field of clean heating, use the government and social capital cooperation (PPP) mode to build and operate clean heating projects, ensure a reasonable return on investment, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of social capital to participate in the construction of clean heating projects. We will support specialized and branded heating enterprises to merge small, scattered and weak heating enterprises through mergers, acquisitions and reorganization, so as to improve heating quality and service level

the clean heating work benefits the people. The merit lies in the present age and the future. The vast number of energy workers are overcoming difficulties and will surely bring a clean and warm winter to the people

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