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Grasp the development characteristics of modern packaging design to better promote economic development

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[China Packaging News] modern packaging design is a new industry, but the development of packaging design has been for many years. In the modern packaging industry, our packaging design is more mechanized, mature, scientific and technological, and has become an important driving force in the process of economic development. What are the characteristics of modern packaging design

first, packaging design is the crystallization of teamwork

today's packaging design pays more attention to market strategy. In itself, this is a comprehensive service with high intelligence. Let's get to know the work together. It is not a single operation, but the result of the participation and integration of more other departments. The business is more like a partner. A packaging design project needs to be completed by multiple people. It needs to communicate and communicate with the business, and it needs to cooperate closely with the people in charge of production and sales. For major projects, market researchers, consultants and other professionals should also be involved. In short, a good design is the best embodiment of group collaboration. The closer the cooperation is, the more confident the products will occupy the market and achieve good sales performance

Second, packaging design is the art of door positioning

for packaging design, finding the right direction of design is more important than anything. Customers often make a design for various reasons. Sometimes it is to launch a brand-new product, sometimes it is to improve its product for the upgrading of the original product. Regardless of the design motivation, it is essential to fully understand the needs of consumers, which requires the design team of this project to have a certain understanding of the market. For example, if a customer launches a brand-new product, it is necessary to study its target market, How to formulate the corresponding design scheme for the target consumer group; If it is the upgrading of new products, what advantages should be inherited from the original brand packaging; If the product is redesigned, is it to develop new markets or reverse the declining sales situation, how about the sales of similar products, what are the advantages and disadvantages, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of the existing design that need to be used for reference. In a word, the more we know about customers and the more accurate we are in practice, the better the final design effect will be

Third, the quality of packaging design is subject to market suitability

beauty is not the only standard to measure excellent packaging. Whether the materials are high-grade or not does not determine the grade of design. Gorgeous coats are wrapped in some unsuitable goods. If the value of packaging is excessively publicized, it is often not recognized by consumers. Similarly, high-quality products and poor packaging cannot achieve the expected market effect. Only according to different stages, different places, different ages and levels of consumer groups, make targeted packaging, is an excellent packaging design. Therefore, to evaluate the quality of a package, we should evaluate it objectively, and it should be based on the suitability of its products. We can't put aside its market state and decide it entirely based on personal aesthetics

Fourth, packaging design should have unique personality characteristics in order to better meet the needs of consumers

in addition to the indispensable promotional function, the personality characteristics displayed by packaging design itself are the fields that modern packaging design must involve. Different consumers have different personalities. A packaging with target personality color is easier to meet the needs of consumers, and it is also easier to communicate and interact with consumers, This is also an important problem that cannot be ignored in modern packaging design

v. packaging design is more and more like a social science. It is a combination of rationality and sensibility

because the domestic packaging design is developing day by day, it is unlikely to produce a good packaging design if only one person or his subjective consciousness determines its final form. In reality, designers are often easy to fall into a state of feeling good about themselves, which is difficult to extricate themselves. Its essence is not substantially different from that of customers who think their products are good and want to express everything. Through the accurate positioning of the target market, the accurate positioning of competitors, their own accurate positioning, the form, color, state, shelf display, promotion and publicity of the packaging itself, it will be very natural and rational to determine the market goal, which will be relatively easy to achieve

VI. packaging design is an integrated design with strategic characteristics

in the publicity environment related to packaging design, packaging design is not independent, taking the product itself as the foundation, packaging as the center, supplemented by corresponding advertising and various promotional means, so as to achieve the unity of image and the significance of effect. For the packaging design, it is also required to reflect the ultimate purpose of product advertising in the whole project plan, and the words and slogans on the packaging cooperate with the large-scale sales publicity, and cooperate with the products of merchants. 4 Displacement (deformation) measurement range and accuracy: 0 ⑴ 000mm; The accuracy is better than ± 0.1mm (can be increased), which is consistent with the promotion strategy

VII. Packaging design must be fast in information transmission, and the theme it expresses should be very unique

often to make the experimental results comparable. Some packaging has too many themes to show, thus weakening the attraction of packaging itself. When you look for a wide range of goods, your eyes stay on each product for a very short time. Therefore, the packaging design must be direct in information transmission, preferably unique and intuitive. It should have clear characteristics, so that customers can see the purpose of the product at a glance. This requires designers to have a specific understanding and mastery of the basic skills of graphic design -- the application of patterns and colors, the correct rhythm, the selection of materials, or the display of goods, etc., so as to make every design economical and practical

VIII. Packaging design is to seek development and maturity through continuous review and improvement.

the packaging design of a product is often not a single stage design, and many of them require long-term development and improvement to mature. Therefore, relevant personnel should often review their performance in the market, reposition, constantly compare and adjust, so as to make it a mature and stable commodity. Therefore, good packaging design is a long-term maintenance work

the development characteristics of modern packaging design make us more clear about the direction of design, which will better promote economic development

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