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Gravure printing will become the preferred way of high-quality printing (1)

the great situation of gravure printing today is formed through the joint efforts of many industries: such as equipment manufacturing, ink, solvent, the adoption of new technologies in the plate making industry, and the implementation of new processes in the printing industry, all of which promote gravure printing towards the direction of prosperity and development

in many cases, gravure printing not only competes fiercely with flexo printing and offset printing, but also struggles with various popular theories in the industry. Gravure printing is the simplest ep~, J method, but its role is not understood: for example, the high cost of gravure plate making makes many packaging products abandon gravure printing and adopt traditional offset printing. Don't forget, the gravure cylinder can be used many times, and the number of roller prints per set can reach 3 million to 4 million. It is characterized by stable performance, wide application range of ink and substrate, and simpler operation than offset printing and flexo printing. At present, with the successful research and development of alcohol soluble inks, water-based inks and other environmental friendly inks by ink manufacturers, the technological progress of gravure printing has been promoted to the greatest extent. At the same time, in the field of plate making, we will continue to seek alternative materials for chromium plated steel rollers and copper rollers, which will further reduce the cost and improve ① good impregnation of wood and plastic; The economic benefits of high intaglio printing can shorten the pre press adjustment time and eliminate the defects of short printing. At the same time, with the price adjustment of domestic high-speed gravure printing machine, the cost continues to decline, which will eventually increase the market share of gravure printing. The author firmly believes that gravure printing will become the preferred way of high-quality EPN

gravure printing trend

1. Substrate: P also determines the structure of the tensile machine, VC, PP plastic labels, pet, PE and flexible packaging of various composite materials; Coated paper/cardboard soft and hard cigarette bag; Ordinary wet strength paper/aluminized paper/aluminum foil label and superior performance textile printing and dyeing, etc

(1) gravure flexible packaging: the quality of the outer packaging of goods increasingly affects consumers' motivation to purchase goods. Gravure printing still plays a leading role in the field of flexible packaging composites such as plastic bags, plastic boxes, paper plastics, aluminum plastics and aluminized films. The large gravure press can complete the online processing of lamination, cross cutting and die cutting, which is suitable for large quantities of long version tasks, and also promotes the popularization and application of various composite materials. The future gravure printing technology adopts the design of composite environment, which has reliable performance, simplified structure, convenient operation, short product replacement time and shorter production cycle. It is more and more common to install trolleys on gravure printing machines, which have different forms of composite functions such as wet, extrusion, dry and so on. Saving resources, protecting the environment, reducing costs and displaying the appearance are the mainstream of the development of composite packaging film in the future

(2) gravure aluminum foil: ultra thin aluminum foil is an indispensable composite substrate for flexible packaging. Because the surface is silver white, gravure printing produces strong metallic luster, low cost, and can highlight the grade of products. Intaglio printing is mainly used in China, and intaglio printing is 100% used in China

(3) gravure paper label: the main domestic cigarette factories and tobacco packaging EPN factories basically use imported gravure printing machines ep~, J cigarette pack paperboard and coated paper. Cigarette packs represent the highest level of the domestic printing industry, and the advantages of gravure printing have been brought into full play. Therefore, high-speed gravure printing machines are called "money printers". Under the effect of the competitive mechanism, the professional cigarette bag printing factory turns its attention to the growing beer market. Its color separation, inking, overprint and die cutting are all controlled by computers, and its printing quality and processing accuracy are better than offset ep~, J

(4) gravure printing carton: decorative paper and tipping paper are coated, printed, polished and rolled by a high-speed, high-precision, wide width paper gravure printing machine, and then sent to the corrugated production line as face paper to make cardboard. The design is exquisite, the color is full, and the viewing standard has a great influence in the world. Made of cartons, they have the characteristics of high compressive strength, wear resistance, moisture resistance and so on

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