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What kind of integrity system should the printing industry establish? Opinions vary

with the launch of the printing industry credit evaluation work prepared by the China Printing Technology Association and to be carried out in early 2012, the long-standing topic of integrity has once again become a hot word in the printing industry. As a processing industry, products are the carrier of culture and information dissemination. The honest management of the printing industry is related to national security, political discipline, market order and people's cultural consumption and material consumption rights and interests. Under the market economy, how should printing enterprises deal with some dishonest behaviors? How do they achieve integrity? Associations and enterprises have their own views

Association: to support honesty with benefits

as far as we know, dishonesty exists in the upstream and downstream of the printing enterprise industrial chain, and this situation is very common. However, the scope of our Association's rights and responsibilities is not so large, and it is impossible to manage the upstream and downstream situations. What we can do is to strengthen publicity and appeal for enterprise integrity. At present, supply exceeds demand in the field of printing, and printing enterprises are relatively infringed. Some local printing associations gave the above answers to the questions of China publishing daily. All localities are making their own efforts to solve the problem of integrity. In addition to the traditional propaganda appeal, Shanghai Printing Industry Association has taken measures. Fu Yong, the Secretary General of the association, told China publishing news that since 2008, they have started to evaluate honest enterprises and will publish the evaluation results on a special platform. Fu Yong said that enterprises in Shanghai are very positive about this evaluation. The reason is that he gave this answer: through the evaluation, enterprises can kill two birds with one stone. First, brand publicity has been achieved, which has laid a solid foundation for establishing a good reputation and expanding influence; Second, it can promote the cooperation between high-end brands. For example, if an automobile enterprise wants to print automobile manuals, it needs to find a reputable printing enterprise. He can log in to this platform to find a satisfactory enterprise, or he has found a printing enterprise, and he can also check whether it is worth cooperating with by querying

the upcoming credit evaluation of the printing industry introduced by zhangshuangru, executive vice president of China Association of printing technology, to China publishing news also has the same merit. They will also publicize the evaluation results in the Chinese market order. Through the creation of integrity brand, strengthen the appeal of enterprises in the market and benefit them. Through the exemplary role of these enterprises, drive more enterprises to join the ranks of integrity

Enterprise: combine Germany and France

if you are honest with the supplier, the supplier will also be honest, and then add the mixed tensile strength and deformation rate of the two evenly into the additive to suppress, which is the basis of maintaining good cooperation. Yi Zhi, general manager of Chengdu Borui printing company PPG glass fiber, a leading reinforcement manufacturer in the world, believes that integrity is the result of interaction. Facing the question of China publishing daily about whether there is any adverse consequences caused by unilateral integrity, Yi Zhi's answer is No. integrity has made their company taste the sweetness: integrity to employees, employees' cohesion is stronger; Be honest with suppliers, and good cooperation with suppliers will be more lasting; If you are honest with customers, you will get more customers. However, Yi Zhi also believes that this good interaction needs the protection of the system, and they all act in strict accordance with the contract

like Yi Zhi, the person in charge of Chengdu Yongfa Printing Co., Ltd. also believes that it is a feasible measure to sign an integrity agreement with the supplier, but he believes that the fundamental solution to this problem is the performance characteristics and operating environment of the gas spring performance testing machine. There are some things that can not be solved in a paper. Market economy needs market regulation, but at the same time, it is hoped that the competent authorities will strengthen the crackdown and punishment. In addition, the association should establish a platform to expose dishonest enterprises so that other enterprises can be warned

different from the first two, huangboquan, deputy general manager of Beijing Jingshi Printing Co., Ltd., told China publishing news that they will invite tenders every year. Once they find out which supplier has dishonest behavior, they will not invite it to participate in the tender again. But similarly, Huang Boquan believes that this is a temporary solution rather than a permanent solution. The main problem we are facing now is that the overall integrity environment is not optimistic. To be more serious, not only printing enterprises, but also in all industries, the integrity of a single enterprise may lead to losses or even bankruptcy. What we need to do is to call on the whole society to pay attention to the problem of moral decline and rebuild the moral system. He believes that this is not an overnight thing. First of all, enterprises should be strict with themselves, establish a corporate culture of integrity, make the concept of integrity deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and let employees understand the moral bottom line of the enterprise. Secondly, to improve the overall social and economic environment, it requires the joint efforts of the government and enterprises

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