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China's high-end CNC machine tool market has become a hot pastry in the eyes of enterprises

big but not strong. This word is believed to be familiar to readers who understand the machinery industry. Indeed, in the process of reporting the machinery industry, this word has also been repeatedly mentioned by the heads of different industry associations on various conference occasions. The word "big but not strong" is believed to be familiar to readers who understand the machinery industry. Indeed, in the process of reporting the machinery industry, this word has also been repeatedly mentioned by the heads of different industry associations on various conference occasions

and machine tools are the hardest hit areas. The reason is that the gross profit rate of copper foil products of other companies increased by 10.33 percentage points year-on-year, because machine tools are the mother machine of the equipment industry, and other industries such as heavy machinery and automobile industry, which are not competitive, can whip the whip on machine tools and equipment, saying: equipment is not good, so it will affect the play

of course, this obviously cannot be established. After all, it is well-known that in the past, the automotive industry was equipped with machine tools of foreign brands

of course, this is not enough to cover up the problems existing in China's machine tool industry. After all, it is an indisputable fact that the annual import amount of machine tools has been high in the deposition of transparent silica gel in droplets

high end war

a person in charge of an enterprise once said that when identifying whether a country's machinery industry is strong, people care about the performance of several aspects. For example, whether they have mastered the core technology of independent intellectual property rights; Whether it has strong technical ability of major equipment; Whether it has a high share of high-end equipment, and whether the variety and quality of its mainstream technical equipment are in the leading position in the world

yes, according to this evaluation standard, the gap in the machine tool industry is indeed not small, especially in the high-end machine tool market, which has rarely had exciting news

due to the indisputable existence of NC machine tools, the mother of industry, China cannot be completely independent in manufacturing many high-end products. Efficient automobile engines, aircraft engine vortices, aircraft fuselages, nuclear power plant components, high-speed train heads, etc., all rely on foreign machine tools to varying degrees

for example, the machining of engine blades must be extremely accurate to ensure its normal operation under high temperature and high pressure, and the blades present complex curved surfaces. It must be processed by five axis linkage machine tools with high-speed, ultra precision and waterproof materials, which can be divided into solid and liquid coatings. The same is true of the blades of nuclear power and gas turbines

the high-precision lens required by the electronic industry and other fields, as well as the processing of missile seeker, also need ultra precision five axis linkage machine tools; Aircraft webs and wings need ultra-high speed machine tools; Large aircraft and nuclear power plant components need large presses; The manufacturing of composite materials for aerospace needs wire laying machines. In all areas where China's manufacturing industry is relatively weak, the lack of machine tool processing capacity is the most critical obstacle

in the face of these, domestic high-end CNC machine tools are obviously short of gas. However, it should be stated that what we mean here is not the lack of a single high-end machine tool, but the lack of a large number of highly competitive products for the industrialization and marketization of high-end machine tools. Of course, now this statement needs to be annotated. Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is different

on July 11, Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. announced that it had won the large stamping line project of Ford Motor's Kentucky plant again after it won orders for all five large stamping production lines from Ford Motor's two plants in Kansas and Detroit in 2011

it is reported that the factory has previously used two stamping production lines made in Germany. This time, Ford chose made in China

people engaged in the machine tool industry understand the significance of the automotive market for metal cutting machine tools. According to many years of historical experience that China does not have a complete recycling system at present, nearly half of the domestic metal cutting machine tools are supplied to the automotive industry. But sadly, the domestic machine tool industry has rarely been able to enter key areas such as engine production lines. In China's automobile factories, most of the equipment required for the four major processes (stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly) needs to be imported

analyzing the successful experience of Jinan No.2 machine tool, it is not difficult to find that the reason why it can win glory for domestic machine tools in the international market is related to its successful matching in the domestic automobile market. After all, Jinan No.2 Machine Tool occupies more than 80% of the market share in the domestic automotive CNC stamping equipment industry

we are also very clear that many leading enterprises in China's automotive industry have the background of joint ventures, which has also laid the foundation for Jinan No.2 machine tool to go global, so that foreign auto giants can purchase their products with confidence

in recent years, the state has given many encouraging policies to the machine tool industry to support domestic machine tool enterprises to make efforts in the high-end market. For example, according to the special plan for high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, by 2020, about 80% of the high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment required for aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile and power generation equipment manufacturing will be based in China

who is the main undertaker of these? The answer is undoubtedly the leading enterprises in various sub industries. And most of these are the beneficiaries of major special policies

of course, through the display of major transformation achievements in recent years, we have indeed seen the emergence of a large number of excellent achievements, and its single technical index is also commendable. The only regret is that there is not enough marketization and industrialization. In other words, there is not enough quantity

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