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High end environmental protection is the general trend of architectural coatings

high end environmental protection is the general trend of architectural coatings

July 4, 2014

[China paint information] over the past 20 years, with the rapid development of the national economy and the increasing improvement of people's living standards, the architectural coating industry has developed rapidly and the output has maintained a high-speed growth. But whether we can continue to maintain high-speed growth and sustainable development is crucial. To this end, industry experts said that the key is to upgrade the structure of the architectural coating industry and improve input-output efficiency. The next and future key tasks of architectural coatings are transformation, such as the transformation to environment-friendly, high-end and high-functional products

however, the pressure of China's architectural coating industry to adjust and optimize its products and industrial structure and realize transformation and upgrading is indeed not small for automotive "polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) resin molding materials for laser cladding". We know that the rapid development of architectural coatings over the past few decades is mainly based on the reliance on cheap factor costs and a large amount of investment. On the whole, this situation has not been significantly improved. At present, it is facing greater transformation pressure

from the perspective of national macro-economy, over the past few decades, China's rapid economic development has mainly relied on large-scale investment, while "consumption", as the economic troika, has not been activated. In order to change this development structure, the state regulates and controls the speed of macroeconomic development, vigorously promotes economic transformation, pursues quality and benefit-based development, reduces investment in many projects, and constantly drives the economy through the domestic demand market, resulting in a temporary decline in market demand. At the same time, as an important supporting industry of the real estate industry chain, the pressure fluctuation of the downstream real estate market every time the hydraulic system is unloaded affects the pulse of the decorative coating industry. In 2013, the state continued to maintain strict regulation and control over real estate, such as the "five national regulations", property tax pilot, purchase restriction, loan restriction and price restriction, which had a great impact on the development and sales of commercial housing, and then affected the building coating composite, multifunctional and intelligent material market. Architectural coatings are closely related to the development of macro-economy and real estate. The regulation of both is bound to bring pressure to the transformation of architectural coatings

the next and future key task of architectural coatings is to transform

the country continues to improve the standards of building green energy conservation and environmental protection, which also limits the expansion of China's production of architectural coatings. In 2012, the relevant national departments studied and put forward a number of double high (high pollution and high environmental risk) product lists, suggesting that the relevant national departments formulate targeted economic and regulatory policies to curb the production, use and export of high pollution and high environmental risk products, which also limits the development of architectural coatings

in addition, the problems of nonstandard competition in the construction coating market, low degree of market concentration, low entry barriers, low degree of product differentiation, unreasonable product and industrial structure, weak innovation ability, talent shortage and other deep-seated contradictions have not been fundamentally solved, and they are also facing increased operating costs, increased management costs, rising labor costs Factors of production prices continue to rise, financing difficulties and many other pressures. At the same time, domestic architectural coating enterprises lack competitiveness, especially the product technology is relatively backward, and the brand marketing level is low. These adverse factors have affected the transformation of architectural coatings

relevant experts said that under the background of the reduction of labor supply and the increasing pressure on resources and environment caused by the change of population structure, the construction coating industry should focus more on eliminating backward production capacity, energy conservation and emission reduction, and developing environment-friendly, high-end and high-functional products, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the transformation of enterprise innovation strategy from technology introduction to independent research and development, and through independent innovation, Cultivate their own core competence and improve the profitability of enterprises

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