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Analysis on the sharing mode of large-scale scientific instruments in South China

after the promulgation of the opinions of the State Council on opening national major scientific research infrastructure and large-scale scientific research instruments to the society in 2015, the Ministry of science and technology, together with 22 departments of the State Council, issued the "implementation and promotion plan for the implementation of the opinions", held a pilot work launch meeting together, and formulated a pilot work plan, Guangdong will be listed as one of the first pilot provinces in China to open up large-scale scientific research equipment and instruments to the society. Immediately, the Guangdong provincial government announced the "implementation opinions of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government on promoting the open sharing of large-scale scientific instruments and equipment". In 2016, the Ministry of science and Technology launched research and supervision work in Guangdong Province. Guangdong Province actively launched the construction of provincial scientific research instruments network management channels. Through organizing resource advantage units in the province to pilot and integrate more than 9900 sets of various large scientific research instruments and equipment, with the original value of more than 1.3 billion yuan; Through the issuance of open subsidies and innovation vouchers for large-scale scientific research instruments, the enthusiasm of both supply and demand sides was mobilized, serving 14000 enterprises of all kinds. The construction of several large-scale instrument sharing channels led by the Provincial Department of science and technology and the Municipal Science and technology innovation Commission has broken the barriers of universities and scientific research institutions, and put instrument and equipment resources on the station for sharing, laying an outstanding foundation for further instrument sharing and the interaction of innovative subjects such as universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises in the future

construction and sharing form of government and scientific research institutions

1 Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology

the instrument sharing channels under Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology include the cooperation and sharing of Guangzhou regional scientific instruments, yuekehui and the sharing of Ran Sheng instrument scientific and technological resources

Guangzhou regional scientific instrument collaboration and sharing by the Ministry of science and technology, Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of science and technology, Guangzhou Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Provincial Academy of Sciences and Guangdong Provincial Department of education together to raise funds, select the best large-scale scientific instrument resources of relevant scientific research institutions and colleges in Guangzhou, and form Guangzhou regional scientific instrument collaboration and sharing. In 232 sets of instruments, the average annual startup hours of instruments are 1355 hours, and the annual instrument sharing rate remains above 40%; A total of 7529 subjects were provided with testing services, and 930000 advantageous samples of various types of electronic universal experimental machines below 30t were analyzed externally. The current page is invalid, and the basic information can be viewed only in the sharing of scientific and technological resources in Guangdong Province

"yuekehui" channel is operated by Guangdong Provincial Science and technology foundation channel center, with a total of 2216 online instruments. The channel has more than 100 professionals. Technology development and service channels such as the sharing of scientific and technological resources in Guangdong Province, the Key Laboratory of high-performance computing, and the information system evaluation laboratory have been established. Now, the page channel is still in trial operation and construction, and most connections have no content

2. Guangzhou Science and technology innovation Commission

Guangzhou Science and technology resources public service channel is a government led, multi-party, construction and implementation oriented science and technology resources exchange and sharing service channel for enterprises, research institutes and scientific and technological workers, which is supported by the key points of Guangzhou Science and technology innovation Commission and led by Guangzhou Productivity Promotion Center, and provides them with development information and science and technology services. The public service channels of Guangzhou's scientific and technological resources serve with a consistent and standardized "one-stop" window. There are 4731 large-scale instrument resources in total, which is the channel with the largest number of instrument and equipment resources in Colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, mainly in the form of scheduled computer access

scientific research institutions share the administrative office manager of Zhejiang Shentong Co., Ltd. Zhang Jianping introduction form

1 Guangdong Academy of Sciences

"double foreign exchange earning in the South" is jointly sponsored by Guangdong Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Academy of Sciences") and Southern Newspaper Media Group, and co organized by Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Library (Guangdong Institute of science and technology information and development strategy, hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Science map"), southern and southern, which is the first authoritative general channel of innovation and entrepreneurship services in the province. The form of sharing is mainly page booking and entrusted testing. The channel feature is the combination of the introduction of commercial operation form and its own instrument resources

the 266 large-scale instruments and equipment owned by the Provincial Academy of Sciences, taking Guangzhou profiling and Testing Center (Guangdong Institute of testing and profiling) as an example, 18 including profiling and testing services are provided through channels, and relevant instruments are subject to sending samples for testing. A total of 15 laboratories are distributed in Guangzhou, including Nansha, Foshan and Zhongshan

2. Guangzhou Institute of biomedicine and health, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has three shared channels. The common instrument center was officially established and put into operation on November 29th, 2006, which integrates all large-scale equipment and common equipment with strong commonality

Guangzhou regional center for large-scale scientific instruments is led by Guangzhou Institute of biomedicine and health, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its member units include Guangzhou Institute of biomedicine and health, Chinese Academy of Sciences, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of energy, Guangdong Institute of Entomology, Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, Guangdong Institute of ecological environment and soil, to build a large-scale scientific research equipment Scientific research team and life science public skill channel that accepts scientific research tasks

the supercomputing Guangzhou Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a special information construction project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, "Jinan Liangong notch broaching machine equipped with two station broach during the 12th Five Year Plan". In November, 2014, it was connected to the Institute's supercomputing grid environment and opened the sharing of computing time for grid users. The sharing form of the above three channels is through page booking

3. The skill channel of Shenzhen Institute of advanced skills, Chinese Academy of Sciences is a skill support channel shared by large-scale scientific instruments and equipment with the most advanced equipment and more planning in Shenzhen. The skill channel is shared by the instruments and equipment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a large-scale instrument and equipment is also shared by the cooperation of large-scale scientific instruments in Guangzhou and the scientific and technological innovation resources in Nanshan District of Shenzhen. It can be booked directly through the official page or through relevant channels

4. Institute of deep sea science and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

the deep sea engineering skills laboratory, an open channel for the development and testing of cutting-edge science and key skills in deep sea science and engineering built by the Institute of deep sea science and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is mainly composed of marine equipment installation and commissioning laboratory, deep-sea induction test pool, electronic planning and development laboratory, deep-sea pressure test device, mechanical finishing center, etc. The engineering test channel provides paid services to all scientific research teams in the Institute and users outside the Institute

5. Institute of high energy physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

high energy physics location the large-scale scientific research infrastructure in South China includes the Chinese spallation neutron source located in Dongguan and the Jiangmen neutrino test located in Zhongshan. China's spallation neutron source is the first of the twelve major scientific devices built during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period in China, and it is a large-scale research channel for the application of international cutting-edge high-tech and multidisciplinary. After completion, it will become the largest scientific device in China and provide an advanced and powerful scientific research channel for research in frontier fields such as physics, chemistry, life science, material science, nanoscience, medicine, national defense research and new nuclear energy development

during the construction of Jiangmen neutrino test, we will complete the planning and construction of several major scientific research devices, participate in the collaborative planning and development of international large detectors, and cooperate with enterprises to complete the pre research and localization of photomultiplier tubes; In front-end electronics key skills research, carry out large-capacity and high-speed data acquisition and processing system skills, promote skill transfer and drive the skill innovation of domestic related enterprises

sharing form and construction of large instrument channels in Colleges and universities

1 Sun Yat sen University

Sun Yat sen University's management form in the sharing management of large-scale fine instruments and equipment is to establish two sets of sharing channels at the school level and the hospital level, taking two different forms of operation management. The school level channel, namely the testing center, is open to the whole school and the society, and the total value of instruments and equipment is more than 100 million yuan. College level channels are distributed in secondary colleges, and are mainly open to the college and the whole school

in front of the sharing of large-scale scientific research equipment, Sun Yat sen University has undertaken the operation and research of the "Galaxy II" supercomputer. Its application directions are: new energy and new materials, biomedical health, industrial planning and manufacturing, astrogeophysics, atmospheric and marine environment and cloud computing in caizhicheng city. Users can request the use of supercomputers after being stamped and approved by the unit

2. South China University of technology

South China University of technology instruments and equipment are shared. A total of 472 pieces of equipment can be booked on the processing channel. The channel page is convenient to use, and the sharing form is to use it through page reservation

3. Jinan University

there are about 30 kinds of valuable instruments and equipment sharing channels in Jinan University, which belong to the experimental skills center. The sharing form is scheduled to be used through pages

summary and discussion

after investigating the government led instrument sharing channels, large-scale instrument sharing channels in Colleges and universities and commercial instrument sharing channels in South China, this paper summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of different channels in the service process of enterprises: the commercial channels in South China are outstanding, based on the sharing channels of interconnected supply. China Science and technology import and Export Co., Ltd. has established a perfect transaction system including product import and export agency, self-sale and after-sales skill service. Now it is operating the company's general number "instrument giant", which integrates the professional resources of instruments and equipment in South China. The first phase of instrument giant Sharon activity cooperates with the southern double foreign exchange earning, and further establishes the resource sharing of Internet channels in the future. In the era of Internet, the instrument sharing channel integrates a variety of innovative elements to complete the needs of users on PC and mobile clients, upload instrument needs and answer questions and interact. Through offline, online and offline forms, we are used to the low-cost, ultra convenient and high-power development trend of technological innovation of small and micro enterprises. In addition, the instrument sharing channels with better interconnected instruments have been launched, and their maintenance and expansion with enterprise customers have been carried out with a super benign momentum. The publicity of the channel is mainly about the application planning of the page channel. Through online and offline activities, enterprise customers can understand the channel, especially local small and medium-sized enterprises. Offline activities are the best way to broaden this customer group. Many activities have been carried out under the southern mass entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference, so that small and medium-sized enterprises can have a more intuitive understanding of instruments and equipment and share services

the sharing channels of large instruments in South China have been supported by the government's policies, with concentrated large instrument and equipment resources, a good shopping environment, and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises' demand for instruments and equipment. There is an imbalance in the development of sharing channels. Some channels are well connected with shopping malls and are oriented to the forefront of application science and enterprise development. Therefore, there are a large number of service enterprises and rich scientific research achievements. As the frontier of China's reform and opening-up, the Enlightenment of South China on the sharing of large instruments for our counterparts is as follows:

from the perspective of top-level planning,

the government should provide support for the sharing of instruments in four aspects: formulation, refinement, guidance and supervision. In formulating the policy, we should vigorously support the integration of shopping mall elements into the operation and maintenance of instrument channels, refine the performance criteria in the system, combine the sharing of large instrument channels with the support of small and medium-sized enterprises, give certain relevant preferential policies and rewards to instrument channels, strengthen the openness of supervision and sharing, and be accountable for the failure of page channels and the lack of information; At the same time, we should also strengthen the rewards for each innovation subject to use large-scale instruments to carry out basic research and use basic research work, improve the scientific research output power of large-scale instruments, and promote high-level original innovation

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