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High end CNC: be the strongest "brain" made in China

for a long time, Chinese CNC system enterprises have always been struggling to survive in the cracks. Because of the monopoly of CNC technology, the market has been firmly controlled by front-line CNC enterprises such as Japan and Germany

As the brain of high-end CNC machine tools, high-end CNC system is the core and key component that determines its performance, function, reliability and cost

foreign countries still block and restrict the high-end CNC system urgently needed by China's national defense industry

in order to get rid of this situation, during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the state launched a major science and technology project for high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment (hereinafter referred to as the "04 project")

Shenyang Institute of Computing Technology Co., Ltd. of Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as Shenyang computing of Chinese Academy of Sciences) presided over, undertook and completed a series of related topics in the key tasks of CNC system

double process 11 axis laser blade micro hole cold CNC machine tool

change from point to surface

as the chief engineer of Shenyang National Engineering Research Center for computing high-end CNC of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yu Dong has experienced the process of 04 special project from project approval to several phased achievements

in his eyes, the continuous breakthrough of China's independently developed CNC machine tool control system is not a coincidence, but the inevitable result of accumulation

Shenyang computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was at the forefront of domestic CNC system research in the 1990s. However, with the advent of the digital era, domestic CNC systems are facing upgrading pressure

in the past, the CNC system used a closed structure, and the system control output was mainly analog signal or pulse signal. With the improvement of process control requirements of CNC machine tools, the traditional interface mode can not meet the requirements of high precision, high speed and high efficiency. The open and digital CNC system is unstoppable. Yu Dong told China Science Daily

in view of the practical problem that the basic software and hardware platform of domestic high-end CNC system is subject to foreign manufacturers, Shenyang computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, relying on its own years of technology accumulation, relying on the technical advantages of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and taking bus technology as a breakthrough, promotes and solves a series of technical difficulties, such as the construction of CNC system hardware platform and real-time operating system software platform based on domestic CPU chips, The domestic high-end CNC system is built on the basis of self-control

Yu Dong said that Shenyang computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made a breakthrough in the research and development of original technologies and products, established an open CNC system supporting technological innovation platform, formed the independent development ability of major products, established a relatively complete CNC system research and development and supporting capabilities, and formed a technological innovation system combining industry, University and research

during the implementation of the 04 special project, Shenyang computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences also further promoted the demonstration and application of products in aerospace and other fields, deepened the demonstration effect, and ensured the independent control of technology and equipment, providing basic support for China's construction of a powerful Aerospace country

several core technology breakthroughs

Yu Dong introduced that in the 04 special project, Shenyang computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, based on the core technology of bus control and the hardware design and batch manufacturing technology of domestic Godson CPU CNC system, developed a fieldbus protocol with independent intellectual property rights, built an open CNC system software and hardware platform, and presided over the formulation of the open cutting of plastic waste such as PLA materials Grinding into small particles often requires a large energy CNC system to serialize national standards

not only that, he said, the Shenyang computing research team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences also developed a motion control algorithm library equivalent to the international advanced level by integrating the mathematical mechanization method initiated by Wu Wenjun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and numerical control technology in the preparation process of mixed ingredients to model the motion control process, In terms of key technical indicators, it has reached the international mainstream system level, such as flexible acceleration and deceleration control, nano interpolation, program pre reading, 5-coordinate tool compensation, etc

among them, the core algorithm won the China Patent Excellence Award

at the same time, the R & D team also benchmarked foreign mainstream products, established a high-end CNC system function analysis database, and carried out benchmarking development item by item, realizing the coverage of the functional instruction set

they also provided support for the formulation of the first international standard iec/ts:2016 in China's machine tool industry by presiding over the implementation of the research project on functional safety technology of CNC systems in response to the supporting needs of high-speed and large-scale CNC machine tools

Yu Dong told China Science Daily that after several core technology breakthroughs, the R & D team continued to overcome difficulties and solved many problems in the application of domestic high-end CNC systems in the aviation field

driven by the processing of S-shaped test pieces, through key technological breakthroughs in gantry synchronization, 5-axis RTCP function, multi-channel and composite processing, they have achieved the matching of Lantian CNC with 5-axis linkage bridge high-speed gantry machining center, AB pendulum five linkage aviation structural parts powerful milling machining center, automatic machining unit and other CNC machine tools

in addition, based on the openness of the product, the R & D team also developed a double channel, 11 axis blade microporous ultrafast laser processing CNC system, in which one channel 5-axis linkage realizes blade processing control, and one channel 6-axis linkage realizes laser drilling and detection, which realizes the breakthrough of domestic CNC technology for engine blade drilling

improve the voice of made in China

Yu Dong introduced that now, with the support of the 04 special project, the blue sky CNC products of Shenyang Zhongke CNC Technology Co., Ltd. (a joint investment company of institutes and institutes) have been combined with more than ten types of high-speed, precision, multi axis, gantry, high-speed, high-speed, high-speed, turning milling composite machining centers, AB pendulum 5-linked aviation structural parts powerful milling machining centers, etc Composite and other high-end CNC machine tools for supporting applications

the promotion and application of domestic high-end CNC systems have reduced the price of supporting applications of foreign CNC systems in gantry machining centers, horizontal machining centers and other high-end CNC machine tools

Yu Dong said that the establishment of domestic Godson CPU CNC system ensures the autonomy, controllability, safety and reliability of domestic high-end CNC system

in addition, he also mentioned that the research on motion control methods based on mathematical mechanization has laid a foundation for the development of original technologies and products in the field of numerical control systems

Langsheng, the maker of international standards, has invested more than 300million euros in Antwerp, marking the internationalization of domestic CNC technology and improving the voice of made in China

this year, the open CNC system standard gb/t 18759 Six standards including "open numerical control system for mechanical and electrical equipment Part 3: bus interface and communication protocol" won the first prize of the 2020 China standard innovation contribution award

as the leader of the standard drafting unit, this is the industry's affirmation of the work of Shenyang computing and other institutions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. There is still a long way to go in the future industrialization. Shenyang computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, will make unremitting efforts to unite domestic peers to go further in the direction of CNC core technology. Yu Dong said

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