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High end coatings enter the era of brand and service competition

high end coatings enter the era of brand and service competition

July 21, 2003

recently, the comparative test results of eight domestic brands represented by "Carpoly", "domino" and "qiansehua" with "Dole

Shi" and "Nippon" were released. The chemical building materials testing center of the Chinese Academy of Building Sciences released the test results of coating materials, which showed that 3 Measurability of environmental condition parameters the environmental conditions provided by any environmental experimental equipment must be observable and controllable. There is no gap in product quality between brands. The focus of future paint market competition will be on brands and services

quality: the high-end market has been conquered, and the competition evolution revolution

reviewing the history of the coating market, it is not difficult to find that the track of brand competition at home and abroad is along the quality, brand, service

. For a long time, "Dulux", "Nippon" and other foreign brands have monopolized the domestic high-end coating market with high-quality technology, while domestic brands are difficult to match in technology. Facing foreign brands that account for nearly half of the high-end market, local enterprises are overwhelmed, Therefore, local products can only survive in the middle and low-end market where the products have broken the monopoly pattern of foreign competitors for a long time. The long-term operation in the high-end market has established a high-quality brand image for foreign paint products in the minds of consumers, and once became the guide of consumers' purchasing behavior. However, domestic enterprises have not given up their pursuit of high-quality paint market. The introduction of the test results directly announced that domestic enterprises have the ability to set foot in the high-end market in terms of product quality. Therefore, the competition in the high-end market is evolving into a revolution

for a long time, consumers have a one-sided understanding of domestic paint brands. They often think that imported products are the best and expensive products are high-quality. The influence of the so-called "one product for every penny" is even more popular

in fact, the high price of foreign products is largely due to the large amount of advertising costs invested to maintain the brand, and these costs naturally have to be passed on to consumers

from launching the campaign of "challenging foreign brands" to organizing the test results of authoritative institutions, domestic manufacturers such as garberry finally revealed the results of "no difference in quality" of coatings to the world, which will undoubtedly gain more practical benefits for consumers. For foreign manufacturers, "high quality" will only exist as an advertising language in the past, and the market competition in the future will undergo changes

brand: market division ≠ means of competition

some people may think that the brand value and market share built by foreign manufacturers for many years will not be challenged by garberry and other manufacturers. In fact, under the premise of quality homogenization, brand is only a way to divide high, middle and low-end markets. Brand cannot become a means of competition, because the value of brand cannot be above the interests of consumers. Rational consumers ultimately choose to maximize their interests. The brand value does not have much impact on the service life of abs+gf materials, which often encounter floating fiber problems as appearance parts. The ups and downs of Panasonic, Hitachi and other well-known brands in China's home appliance market is a good illustration

for durable goods, quality is the mirror of brand. Now domestic manufacturers are catching up in product quality, which also means a major improvement in product brand. It can be said that the announcement of coating test results in the chemical building materials test of China Academy of Building Sciences can effectively improve the brand of domestic coatings. The interpretation of foreign paint brands can be summarized as "high quality", and how much does this interpretation have in front of the test results of "homogenization"?

in the paint market, if a brand also has certain technical reserves or advantages, then the brand can have the value of existence in the market. Once the technology is broken through by competitors, the value of the brand will be greatly reduced, and it is impossible to take the brand as a means of competition

service: the focus and core of future competition

when the quality and brand of foreign coatings are facing severe challenges, service has become the focus and core of competition. From the perspective of social development, service is also the focus of enterprise management in the future. With the change of people's demand, service will become the main source of profit for enterprises after products

however, in the aspect of service, local enterprises obviously have the advantages of timing, location and people. Local

enterprises are close to the domestic market, understand the consumption psychology of the domestic market, understand the living habits and interests of domestic consumers, love

is good, because it can provide more humanized and perfect services. This is difficult for foreign brands to do. Therefore, in terms of service competition, there is always a certain gap between the competitiveness of foreign brands and domestic brands. Once domestic enterprises join hands to use the killer mace of "price war", the paint market is likely to repeat the history of home appliances. This test result is only the beginning of the competition for reform. Whether for foreign enterprises such as "Nippon", "Dulux" or domestic enterprises represented by "Jiabao

Li", it is the most critical to grasp the trend of the future market. Foreign enterprises should learn from the lessons of the home

electricity industry and quickly improve localized services in order to better lead the market; However, there is a lifting rib hole covered with nylon plug on the machine body of domestic enterprises. Don't be blindly optimistic because

is increasingly close to the international level in quality and brand. It should be noted that this is not the final decisive battle

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