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High end creativity + digital publishing Jinjiang modern publishing media cluster is emerging.

recently, the 2011 Xu Liaoyuan Art Exhibition "tradition is the mother of free imagination" was grandly opened in the years art museum located in Borui creative Chengdu. It is understood that a total of 96 works of Xu Liaoyuan were exhibited in this art exhibition, which is the largest and richest centralized presentation of Xu Liaoyuan's personal works at present in terms of scale, number of works and painting types. This is also the first solo exhibition of years art museum since its opening

under the new strategy of building a world-class ecological garden city and building a domestic first-class modern ecological boutique urban area, Jinjiang District takes the cultural and creative industry as one of the leading industries in the development of modern service industry, and puts forward the goal of making Jinjiang a leading area of a city with cultural and creative industries, the first in the west, a domestic leading high-end demonstration area of cultural and creative industries, and a creative urban area with international influence

one of its important focuses is to promote the industrial upgrading of Jinjiang creative industry business district and build a demonstration base for digital publishing and media industry. Borui creative Chengdu is a super grade A office building with the theme of gathering high-end creative industries, which came into being under this background. It is also one of the new landmarks of Chengdu's cultural and creative industries

at present, the cultural composite industry in the region has also won about 72% of the operating revenue of the excellent performance creative industry, which is created by publishing and media enterprises, including journal, newspaper, book retail, packaging and printing, film screening, TV series, film and television topics, publishing, page games, etc. Such enterprises account for only about 10% of the total number of cultural and creative enterprises in the region

two relevant materials of the Industrial Park show that the second name change

Jinjiang District finally settled in the creative industry

in fact, the predecessor of the creative industry business district of Jinjiang District is the original Chengdu Jinjiang Industrial Development Zone, which was a provincial industrial Development Zone confirmed by the Provincial Planning Commission in July 2000. With the implementation of the overall strategy of urban and rural planning and four in one scientific development of the municipal Party committee, the industrial development of the city continues to move towards cluster intensive development. According to the requirements of one district and one main industry in the city, all regions began to explore and establish the leading industries in the region

in July, 2006, Jinjiang Industrial Development Zone was renamed Jinjiang Industrial headquarters base, focusing on the construction of headquarters buildings and the development of headquarters economy in areas with an area of 1.29 square kilometers east of Jinjiang, south of the Third Ring Road, west of Chengren road and north of Shisheng road. At present, this area is the core area of creative industry business district in Jinjiang District. In September, 2009, according to the industrial development plan of Jinjiang District, the district Party committee and the district government renamed the Jinjiang Industrial headquarters base as the creative industry business district of Jinjiang District, and expanded the scope to the south of Jinxiu Avenue, the west of Jinyang Avenue, the north of the outer ring road, and the east of Fuhe River (excluding 198 areas of this area), covering a total of 10.16 square kilometers

the two renames are the process of continuous exploration and progress in Jinjiang District. Finally, combined with the industrial foundation of the functional area, according to the industrial development focus of Jinjiang District 1+4, the industrial development orientation of Jinjiang District creative industry business district is determined to build a building economy agglomeration area characterized by design creativity and modern information service industry, focusing on digital publishing and media, and based on Headquarters economy

build a demonstration base of digital publishing and media industry

develop three leading industries

Jinjiang District, where newspapers, radio and television and other traditional media resources are gathered, and the supporting publishing, advertising, printing and other resources also have obvious advantages

relying on the original industrial advantages and seizing the opportunities of full commercial and three integration of 3G technology, Jinjiang District strives to make breakthroughs in emerging fields such as digital publishing and mobile media, so as to realize the industry to move forward to the high end. Focus on developing the following three leading industries: first, build a national digital publishing base as the carrier to develop the digital publishing media industry. The goal is to build the largest and most influential national digital publishing and media industry demonstration base in the western region. Sichuan media headquarters base, Xinhua Star Cultural headquarters base and Borui creative Chengdu building are proposed to be the main carriers of industrial development. Xinhua Star Cultural headquarters building focuses on the development of digital publishing, newspaper distribution and other industries; Borui creative Chengdu headquarters building focuses on the development of advertising design, digital animation, online games and other industries; Sichuan media headquarters building focuses on the development of new media industries such as newspapers, stations, newspaper publishing and e-readers. The second is to accelerate the formation of creative industry clusters based on modern printing, industrial design and architectural design. Third, information and information services focusing on software development, system integration, software application services, etc. to accelerate the aggregation and development of modern information technology service industry

at present, the representative enterprises settled in the core area of the creative industry business district (1.29 square kilometers) are: Sichuan, Chengdu, Borui communication, Yinhai technology, Xinhua Distribution Group, Wenxuan chain, MCC cultural touching Chenggong, new hope dairy, etc. The projects under construction include Jinjiang creative technology building, Nanshan headquarters, Huirong international, torch power port, Xihua international, etc

Borui creative Chengdu and other projects are gradually playing an increasingly radiating and driving role in the city's cultural and creative industries. It is believed that a modern publishing and media industry cluster will soon be formed in the creative industry business district of Jinjiang District

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