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Anhui Bowang District high-end CNC machine tool cluster development test base has achieved initial results

the machine tool and blade mold industry, which originated in the mid-1970s, is a traditional industry in Bowang District, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province. After years of development and reform, industrial clusters have gradually formed, and therefore, Bowang district has won the reputation of "the first town of machine tools in China" and "the hometown of blade molds". In September, 2012, after the official establishment of Bowang District, the whole district is committed to promoting the transformation and upgrading of regional traditional industries. In August 2016, with the approval of the people's Government of Anhui Province, the high-end CNC machine tool cluster development test base (hereinafter referred to as the base) of Bowang high tech Industrial Development Zone in Maanshan city was officially established. After years of development, it has formed an industrial development direction with high-end CNC machine tools and cutting-edge molds as the core and mechanical accessories and special alloy new materials as the supporting. It focuses on the development of high-end intelligent CNC machine tools, cutting-edge precision cutting-edge molds, intelligent equipment and other industries. It is one of the four major shear and folding machine production bases in China

now, the base has settled in nearly 800 leading enterprises of machine tools and blade molds, and the products are gradually moving towards numerical control, high-speed, large-scale and linear composition. At the same time, substantial breakthroughs have been made in the R & D, production and sales of emerging products such as laser cutting machines, high-speed presses, numerical control machining centers, precision grinders, numerical control systems, servo drives and other key components

with the deepening of intelligent manufacturing, the blade mold industry in Bowang district also began to carry out industrial transformation and upgrading step by step. In order to promote the construction of high-end CNC machine tool and new industrial base, Bowang district has issued the notice of the revised implementation plan of Bowang District industrial economy multiplication action plan () and the notice of the implementation opinions on the construction and development of Bowang high-end CNC machine tool industrial base (Provisional), which stipulates that a portion of funds should be allocated every year as scientific and technological policy incentives for innovation activities; Through land supply, project application, financial support and other measures, actively carry out the cultivation of "little giants" to promote a number of backbone enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Policy support encourages innovative elements to gather in enterprises and encourages enterprises to increase R & D investment. According to the 2017 statistics of borjin Wangqu, at present, there are 10 technology "little giant" enterprises in the District, and more emerging enterprises are thriving

not only focus on advantageous industries, the spirit of keeping pace with the times in Bowang district has been well played in recent years. While maintaining the dominance of the blade and mold industry, Bowang district is also vigorously developing other CNC machine tool industries. At present, the main products of the base include plate shears, bending machines, laser cutting machines, grinders, milling machines and supporting edge molds. The industry of cutting and bending machines and edge molds currently accounts for 30% and 25% of the national market. The base focuses on the cultivation of leading backbone enterprises, the agglomeration of industries, the improvement of technology, and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, so as to drive the base to become bigger and stronger. The leading enterprises of the base, Anhui Donghai Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Ma'anshan Zhongya Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd., are among the top 5 enterprises in the domestic shear machine tool industry; The introduction of Shenyang Machine Tool 5D intelligent manufacturing sharing Valley, Jinshang precision machine tool, Kuroda CNC molding grinder and other projects has enriched the product categories of the base and effectively improved the industrial level of the base

after more than a year of development, Bowang high-end CNC machine tool industry enterprises continue to gather, and the industrial chain is gradually improved, which has injected new vitality into the base, with a total value of more than $6 trillion, and its development platform agglomeration effect is also increasingly prominent. The national machine tool product quality supervision and inspection center has passed the acceptance of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China and has been officially put into operation. The provincial cutting tool heat treatment center, the Nanjing Industrial 3D printing innovation center, and the CNC machine tool heat treatment center have been completed and put into use; Sheet metal equipment maker center and powder metallurgy material research center are under construction. They are planned to be completed and invested by the end of this year, so that there is no clear strategic mineral name for employment. The national machine tool product quality supervision and inspection center has gradually played the role of machine tool product quality inspection. Since its operation in September 2016, it has tested more than 440 sets of machine tools and blade molds. According to the unified deployment of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, it has carried out spot checks on machine tools and blade molds in Bowang District, with a total of more than 100 items

in the future, the base will focus on the idea of "expanding the total amount, improving quality, eliminating backwardness, and making up for weaknesses", and focus on cultivating and introducing a number of leading enterprises, transforming 3. Temperature rise preventers: protecting the tested objects and experimental boxes, improving a number of traditional industries, eliminating a number of backward energy production, introducing a number of public platforms, and cultivating a number of innovative talents, Strive to build a national first-class base for scientific and technological innovation and industrial agglomeration of high-end CNC machine tools

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