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High end castings will compete to appear in the "casting Festival"

there are 37 days left before the opening of the 2014 China casting festival held in Beijing on May 17, and all preparations are progressing in an orderly manner...

as the highlight of the first casting Festival, the 12th China Jinan experimental machine factory tensile testing machine testing different materials national international casting Expo will be held in China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi New Hall, Beijing) from May 19 to 22

there are 37 days left before the opening of the 2014 China Foundry festival held in Beijing on May 17, and the preparations are progressing in an orderly manner...

as the highlight of the first foundry Festival, the 12th China International Foundry Expo will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi New Museum, Beijing) from May 19 to 22

this is the largest Casting Exhibition in the world at present. It is an international first-class Casting Exhibition, with a total exhibition area of 100000 square meters. At that time, more than 100000 exhibitors and visitors from more than 80 countries and regions will gather in Beijing to participate in the event

fan Qi, Deputy Secretary General of China Foundry Association, recently told that 2014 is a key year for China to implement the "foundry industry access conditions". In order to promote the in-depth implementation of "industry access", China Foundry Association has made a scientific plan for the exhibition, integrating the intelligent casting equipment, functional casting materials, environmental protection products, high-end casting products and quality control technology urgently needed for enterprise transformation and upgrading, And successful cases of transformation and upgrading

according to fan Qi, this exhibition is wonderful, and there are six attractions that should not be missed

highlight 1: intelligent robots will be displayed intensively to guide the whole industry to improve the automation level.

more than ten internationally renowned robot manufacturers will display dozens of robot products used in molding, core making, pouring, cleaning, handling and other processes. Fan Qi pointed out that intelligence and refinement are the common characteristics of these robots

point 2: 3D printing and digital dieless casting precision forming compete on the same stage

3d printing is changing people's life after testing, and its application in the field of casting is also increasingly widespread. At the 12th China International Foundry Expo, you can not only see the "3D printing" equipment, but also see another flexible, digital and rapid manufacturing method driven by 3D CAD model - Digital dieless casting precision forming. At that time, the advanced manufacturing technology research center of the General Academy of Mechanical Sciences will display the digital dieless casting precision forming equipment with 28 national invention patents, and the manufacturing cost is only 1/10 of that of mold manufacturing. Beijing Ruihong Xianghong technology group and Beijing North Hengli Technology Development Co., Ltd. will display 3D sand mold/sand core printers and various laser powder sintering rapid prototyping 3D printers. "These 3D printing devices can print out complete casting molds, casting samples and sand molds/cores in just a few hours, which can shorten the development cycle of new products by 50% - 80%

highlight 3: new clean and environmental protection equipment directly attack haze

improving environmental protection is one of the core tasks of the foundry industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period. This exhibition will launch a series of dust removal equipment that can be used to prevent haze. For example, Wuxi Xizhang environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. will grandly launch a new generation of pulse dust collector - plastic burning plate dust collector, which can effectively filter ≥ 0.1 μ The emission concentration of dust with particle size of M is less than 1mg/nm3, which can better reduce the emission concentration of PM2.5 dust, and the volume is only 1/3 of that of traditional bag filter. Beijing Sunshine Huanzi Technology Development Co., Ltd. will bring a new type of cupola gas washer to the exhibition. This product has independent knowledge and a number of patented technologies, which is conducive to the governance of regional haze

highlight 4: there are a wide range of functional casting materials to help enterprises reduce the scrap rate

according to statistics, 50% of casting scrap is directly or indirectly related to casting materials. This exhibition will focus on displaying various functional casting material products to solve the quality problems of various castings

during the exhibition, Jinan Shengquan group will show HB environmental friendly furan resin, whose emissions of formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and organic volatiles are greatly reduced, which can effectively reduce defects such as pores and poor spheroidization. Suzhou Xingye Material Technology Co., Ltd. will display the inorganic binder for WJ casting. The product is non-toxic and odorless, and does not need exhaust gas purification device, which can effectively solve the defects such as pores and sand sticking of castings; XY precision forming series coatings for casting can reduce drying temperature and drying time, and reduce defects such as sand sticking, coating falling off, veins and pores. Bonnie chemical (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. will display an environmental friendly resin that does not contain free formaldehyde and phenol - Bonnie resin when customers choose to purchase hydraulic universal testing machine. Using this resin can improve the surface quality of castings and increase the recycling rate of used sand to more than 94%

point 5: leading enterprises show high-end castings, leading the industry to take the road of high-end development

"the products exhibited by leading enterprises in this exhibition pay more attention to appearance quality, and the audience will not see the traces of polishing," fan Qi said. "Leading enterprises in the foundry industry will show 'aspiring castings' used in energy, electric power, machine tools, rail vehicles, ships and other fields to break the monopoly of overseas technology."

for example, Ningxia Sharing Group Co., Ltd. will show the machine tool bed castings with high precision and no batch seams on the surface produced by the lost foam process; Main frame for the latest model of railway trunk line; Supporting steel castings for inlet cylinder of new model f heavy-duty gas turbine, as well as supporting steel castings for gearbox of top drive system of large offshore oil/gas drilling platform, and supporting steel castings for ultra supercritical condensing steam turbine, etc. Dongfeng Precision Casting Co., Ltd. will display 6 series and more than 50 products, including rocker arm series, leaf spring bracket series, control arm series, heavy vehicle front connecting beam, heavy vehicle connecting bracket, bracket left longitudinal beam front section assembly, and provide lightweight solutions for domestic and foreign host enterprises. Cixi Huili electromechanical Co., Ltd. will display robot parts, engineering machinery parts, rail transit machine bases, industrial generator bases, compressor parts, Shuangqi pumps and other products. Wuhan Wuzhong casting and Forging Co., Ltd. will display zkyj-50000kn beam, a super large and super thick ductile iron casting. At the same time, the box used in sxj reducer and the column, base and other castings used in precision machine tools will also be displayed

point 6: the foundry industry cluster will share the experience of successful transformation, automatic gear shifting and automatic zero inspection, and further boost "industry access"

at this exhibition, China's famous foundry City Botou, Hebei, Jiangnan foundry capital Jiahe, Hunan, the capital of wear-resistant castings Ningguo, Anhui, and the foundry products trading and distribution center Zezhou, Shanxi, and other characteristic industrial clusters will make a wonderful debut. While displaying their main products, It will also show the industry its successful experience in implementing foundry industry access and industrial structure adjustment

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