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High end energy-saving glass products low

this morning, before the talks, it was learned from the Shahe municipal government that Hebei Yingxin group has overcome the problem of unstable coating, and the first Low-E glass production line invested in Shahe has entered the stage of mass production

low new scheme will reduce the cost of metal or traditional composite materials -e glass, also known as low radiation coated glass, is a high-end energy-saving glass product with great market demand. In October, 2008, the Low-E glass production line built by Yingxin group with an investment of more than 200million yuan was put into trial production, but the first batch of offline products had many "hard injuries" - large color difference and high resistance, especially the resistance after tempering could not meet the design requirements. Yingxin group has carried out experiments for many times, trying to solve the problem by changing the ratio of chemical raw materials and the tin bath environment, but it failed. In 2010, Yingxin Group signed an agreement with akema company to jointly experiment Low-E glass and invest nearly 100 million yuan to improve the production process. On November 10 this year, Yingxin group's technological transformation of Low-E coated glass was successful, and Low-E glass entered the production stage of adding strong development impetus to Changkou intelligent manufacturing town, becoming a landmark product for the upgrading of Shahe glass

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