The hottest high-end color printing server system

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The "high-end color printing server system" of Peking University was identified by the Ministry of information industry. On May 17, 2007, the high-end color printing server system, the core technology of digital printing, developed by associate researcher Yang Bin of Peking University Computer Research Institute, passed the identification of scientific and technological achievements organized by the Ministry of information industry

the appraisal committee agreed that: the high-end color print server system fills the gap in the field of print servers in China, but due to the positive benefits, its overall technical level has reached the international advanced level, and ranks the international leading level in image halftone point modulation technology, graphics and text edge enhancement technology, parallel processing efficiency and so on

digital printing is a comprehensive technology developed by combining traditional printing and printing technology, and it is the inevitable trend of the development of printing technology. The fully digital color printing server system developed by the computer stands on the user's point of view. Cannon has developed a special solution - jetpreg, which solves the problems of on-demand printing and variable data printing faced by traditional printing, and can be used for digital printing Digital proofing and high-end office printing provide high-quality, fast, on-demand, variable data and personalized printing services, filling the gap in domestic technology and products, and breaking the pattern that this technology has been monopolized by foreign enterprises

through the cooperation with the industry, University and Research Institute of Founder group, the high-end color print server system has been finished and successfully entered the international market, and some first-class digital printing enterprises in Japan and Europe have also adopted this system. Xinhua News Agency pointed out in the special manuscript that this is the first time for an European printing light steel keel for construction gb/t 11981 ⑵ 001company to use China s printer controller software

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