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On March 25, 2010, a United Nations report said that China's urbanization in the past 30 years has been extremely rapid, surpassing other countries in the world; At present, there are 961 cities with a population of more than 500000 in the world, of which China accounts for 236. According to the study on the correlation between urbanization and industrial structure in China (author: Wang Li, etc.), the urbanization rate in China rose from 12.46% in 1952 to 43.90% in 2006

chenyongjun, deputy dean of the International School of Renmin University of China, predicts that China's urbanization rate will reach 50% in 2010, which is far behind that of the United States and other western countries with a urbanization rate of more than 90%. This hides the huge market potential of instant noodle sales in the food industry. At present, the annual per capita sales volume of instant noodles in China is only 57% of the per capita sales volume of 70 packets in South Korea; 20million people are expected to enter the city every year. One of the characteristics of urban life is the fast pace. The faster the pace of urbanization in China, the greater the sales of instant noodles

the packaging and printing sector is the rising star of tianpurun printing. Tianpurun printing now has an offset color printing production line with four-color, five color and six color offset printing machines as the main body; It has one workshop, and the enterprise has reserved land to build another packaging and printing workshop; This sector accounts for about% of the total output value of the enterprise and is gradually increasing. In just a few years, the contribution of the output value of the packaging and printing sector to the output value of the whole plant has risen to 30%-40%, more than 20million yuan. It has major customers such as jinmailang Food Group Co., Ltd. and COFCO group. The plant is still negotiating cooperation with another well-known food group

follow the four green lines to become a sustainable development printing enterprise

when we visited tianpurun printing factory, we entered its packaging and printing workshop. First, we had to enter the lane (passage) of one treaty, two meters apart from one grade of products. After leaving the lane (passage), we could see the workshop and printing equipment. But we don't realize that when we go through the lane (passage), we are already clean. This is the wind drenching passage of Tianpu run printing factory. As one of the important signs of environmental protection of printing enterprises, the air shower channel is necessary for people/goods to enter and leave the clean room, and also plays the role of airlock room and closed clean room. It is specially designed to adopt high boiling point and low volatility to reduce a large number of dust particles caused by the entry and exit of people/goods. When people/goods pass through the air shower channel, the clean air flow filtered by the high-efficiency filter is sprayed onto people/goods from all directions by the rotatable nozzle to effectively and quickly remove dust particles. The removed dust particles are filtered by the primary and high-efficiency filters and then recycled to the air shower area. Liuqihong introduced that the main equipment of the air shower channel includes an air shower and an ultraviolet lamp for disinfection

referring to the quality certification of jinmailang bucket stickers and other products printed by enterprises, liuhongqi said: the external stickers of instant noodles can not be applied (QS mark). There is a bucket of instant noodles, which does not directly contact food, but the noodles directly contact paper bags, so it is convenient to apply (QS mark). The product with QS mark indicates that the product has passed the mandatory inspection and is allowed to enter the market. The factory has passed the QS (quality safety) quality safety certification. In addition, the enterprise has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification; The wastewater and waste gas treatment facilities of the enterprise have passed the acceptance of relevant environmental protection bureaus

environmental protection of printing enterprises will be the general trend, and the pioneers and (environmental protection) thoroughgoing ones will benefit. Let's take a look at their social background. The current Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council, deputy general manager Li Keqiang and other party and state leaders have repeatedly mentioned in many important speeches that the country will develop the four green (green economy, green growth, green energy and green investment). Professor Hu Angang, a member of China's national development planning expert committee, commented on China's 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2015), which will be implemented in 2011. He said that the core reform of China's economy in the next stage is "green". The 12th Five Year Plan and even when the winter demand peak comes, there will be a phased shortage of supply and demand, and the soaring coal price plan will be the first national green development plan

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