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The ice breaking road of China's numerical control industry

ice skates seem simple and inconspicuous, but their curvaceous and sharp edges are the key to defeating the enemy in the competition

compared with its huge supporting equipment, CNC is like an ant and an elephant, but it is the "brain" of advanced equipment, controlling every move of the machine tool

the two are similar in form and spirit, and they got married in 2006. "Among the ice skates used by Chinese Olympic athletes in the Winter Olympics this year, several are processed by the CNC ice skate blade grinder developed by Huazhong CNC." Chenjihong, director of the national numerical control system engineering technology research center and chairman of Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd., said proudly

in the face of foreign technology blockade, China's national CNC industry, like an ice skate, has also opened up an ice breaking road tenaciously and skillfully

the development of CNC technology in China began in 1958. It is not too late. It started almost at the same time as foreign countries. However, due to the backwardness of China's own electronic technology, the development progress is very slow. The development of numerical control technology for decades has been described by experts as "three dozen ZHUJIAZHUANG": from the introduction, digestion and absorption during the "sixth five year plan" and "Seventh Five Year Plan", to the independent development during the "Eighth Five Year Plan", and then to the industrialization during the "Ninth Five Year Plan" and "Tenth Five Year Plan", many breakthroughs have been made in technology

however, if domestic enterprises producing medium-grade and above CNC systems do not master the core technology, they will inevitably struggle in the fierce market competition, and some enterprises even become compradors of foreign products in China

technology imported from foreign countries is certainly not advanced. After you have made great efforts to digest and absorb, the products you have made have not yet been put on the market. People then introduce systems with better functional quality, higher cost performance and higher integration to the Chinese market, and national CNC has been beaten down again

chenjihong concluded: "the law of value has no effect on this issue! No matter how high your price is, the most advanced CNC system products will never be sold to you by others - because in their eyes, high-performance CNC system products are strategic materials with significance beyond economic value."

independent innovation is the only choice

the theory of "crossing the grass" on the new Long March

central China CNC has found another way to take the road of independent innovation: replace the special computer with the general industrial microcomputer as the hardware platform for the development of CNC system

at that time, this route was not favored by experts, but Huazhong CNC insisted

1994, central China CNC abandoned the research and development idea of "based on special computers" commonly used in the west, followed the technical route of "taking general industrial computers as hardware platforms and dos and windows as open software platforms", avoided the "reliability" bottleneck of hardware manufacturing that has long restricted the development of national CNC systems, and made the Chinese people stand on the same starting line with foreign CNC industries for the first time

on this basis, Huazhong CNC has achieved a breakthrough in CNC system technology through software technology innovation. It has independently developed a four channel, nine axis linkage "Huazhong type I" high-performance CNC system to break the blockade of foreign countries, and won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award and two first prizes of the National Education Commission for science and technology progress. This is by far the highest national award for domestic CNC systems. The original surface direct interpolation technology has reached the international advanced level

with this award, researchers wrote several papers and made several CNC machine tools every year, "I can live a very comfortable life"

but in 1994, they were "forced" into the sea by Minister Zhou Ji, who was then the president of the College of machinery. Because we do not take the road of industrialization, the "appraisal meeting" of scientific and technological achievements is a "memorial meeting". To attract venture capital with the scientific and technological achievements that have been made, Huazhong University of science and technology, Hubei Provincial Department of science and technology, etc. initiated the establishment of Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd., which has achieved Huazhong CNC with a full set of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights and a sales volume of 200 million yuan

with regard to the national CNC industry, chenjihong once published a famous theory of "crossing the grassland": China's CNC industry "is like the Red Army crossing the grassland, with blocking in front and chasing in the rear. Going back is not the shore; if you don't go, the grassland under your feet simply can't bear it. Only by going forward desperately can you open a way for survival."

Academician Li Peigen, President of Huazhong University of science and technology, also deeply felt this: "China should and can make a difference in strategic high technology. The development of China's CNC technology has experienced 'three dozen ZHUJIAZHUANG', and many people have lost confidence in the new parts they replaced. Perhaps even today, many people have no confidence in China's CNC technology, saying that 'the gap between us and foreign countries is too large and there is no hope'. The development of CNC in Central China has proved that the Chinese people are capable. As long as we persist, We can do it. "

we have just received an order for 500 CNC systems equipped with the world's top industrial sewing machines. Well done, the order will increase to 2000 next year. They even want to put their R & D base in our company. " Zhuzhihong, chief engineer of central China CNC, couldn't wait to tell the good news

at the beginning of this year, Huazhong CNC cooperated with Guilin Machine Tool Co., Ltd. to develop a five axis linkage gantry milling machine equipped with Huazhong CNC system, which was purchased by a well-known domestic aircraft manufacturing company and became the first domestic five axis linkage high-end CNC equipment purchased and used by Chinese military enterprises in history

good news keeps coming. Chenjihong boldly predicted: "China's CNC industry enterprises should establish traceable management accounts for key raw and auxiliary materials and product sales accounts. It is time for the dawn to appear. We may be like the domestic household appliance industry, occupying the market and 'Stealing meat' from foreign companies."

at present, the domestic CNC industry has done quite well at the low end, and 90% of the market is domestic. In the middle end, although domestic technology can meet 90% of users' needs, there is still a big gap in brand and user recognition, and the main market share is still occupied by "external brain". At the high end, the gap is still large

in the CNC system industry, a number of domestic CNC system enterprises, known as "the East, the west, the north and the South", are growing up. Their common point is that they all have certain proprietary intellectual property technologies and occupy a certain market share

nevertheless, the development of national CNC industry is still in danger

since 2003, China has become the world's largest machine tool consumer and the largest machine tool importer. For such a huge potential market, 7. The levelness of the host device of the electronic tensile testing machine has a big deviation. Japan and Germany are eyeing it

they adopted the dual competitive strategy of technical blockade and low price dumping to restrain the development of China's national CNC industry. Raise the price of products that cannot be produced in China and attach many restrictions; For CNC systems that can be produced in China, measures of substantial price reduction have been taken continuously. They have changed the tradition of disdaining to produce low-grade products in the past, and captured the low-end market where CNC still has a dominant position in China. Do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to poach market planners and salespeople who are familiar with the business from China's CNC enterprises

internally, although the domestic CNC system has made a breakthrough in technology, due to the fact that a large number of domestic CNC systems have "lain low" in history, CNC has become a "complaint" that equipment 1 must be refined and maintained, and its reputation has been damaged. So far, users have been "terrified"

in any industry, it is impossible to change the direction of market development just by one enterprise. "We hope that a number of domestic CNC enterprises will grow up, so that users can truly have confidence in domestic CNC. Domestic CNC enterprises should not kill each other in the low-end market, but should cooperate in many fields to jointly do a good job in the national CNC industry." This is the hope of central China CNC people who take "developing national CNC industry as their own responsibility", and it is also the prospect of the development of national CNC industry

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