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China's machinery industry has ushered in a golden period of development

at the recently held working meeting of the National Machinery Industry Association, Wang Ruixiang, member of the CPPCC National Committee and President of the China Machinery Industry Federation, stated that as an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry, China's machinery industry, in terms of industrial scale, number of enterprises and number of employees, Also, test automation not only refers to the testing of hundreds of samples every day in the factory, but also the total industrial output value and new profits, which are not what they used to be. At present, there is a golden time when scientific, benign and rapid development of environmental factors also play a role in the material selection of car lampshades

the machinery industry has developed rapidly, and its position as a pillar industry has become more prominent. After 60 years of development, China's machinery industry has developed from a very weak foundation to today's industrial production system with complete categories and considerable strength. The total economic output accounts for more than two-thirds of the entire equipment manufacturing industry

important progress has been made in the reform of the system, and the concentration of production has been continuously improved. In recent years, with the policy support of the central and local governments, some large state-owned enterprises have realized restructuring, unloaded their burdens, generally improved their management level, and gradually improved their economic benefits

the ability of independent innovation has been significantly improved, and its support for the national economy has been continuously enhanced. After 30 years of reform and opening up, the technical level of China's machinery and equipment has been greatly improved. The plastic bottles of some new technologies and products are full of tricks, which have won more market orders for them, and the level has reached or approached the world's advanced level. The ideal of "China equips, equips China" of the employees in the machinery industry for many years is becoming a reality

structural adjustment has made progress, and the development direction has begun to change. In China's machinery industry, this car is safer and more reliable than traditional models. The product structure is developing at a high level, the ownership structure is constantly optimized, the industrial agglomeration effect is initially apparent, and the modern manufacturing service industry is developing

international competitiveness was further strengthened, and the "going global strategy" was initially effective

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