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The machinery industry is eager for industrial design nutrients to improve brand value

the biennial Bauma China 2012 China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery, construction vehicles and Equipment Expo will be launched in Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 27 to 30, 2012. Bauma China is an industry event that must not be missed for those enterprises who hope to make gains in China's construction industry. Founded in 2002, the exhibition covers 300000 indoor and outdoor areas of the Shanghai New International Expo Center, with more than 2143 exhibitors, 45% of which are international exhibitors, mainly from Germany, Italy and the United States. The scope of this exhibition mainly includes: construction machinery, mining and implementation of raw materials, building materials machinery, supporting parts and service providers. It can be said that Bauma China is a leading exhibition platform for the construction machinery industry in China and Asia

when people focus on what classic works the leaders of major machinery brands will have in this year's exhibition, galanto took the lead in calling for "the machinery industry is eager for industrial design nutrients". It is believed that even leading brands in the machinery industry such as Sany, Liugong, XCMG and Zoomlion can't avoid this problem. The development of China's construction machinery industry in the past 10 years has better completed the preliminary preparation for quantitative change and accumulation of capacity. Now, China's construction machinery industry is still in the stage of low-level competition. Under the current market situation, domestic and foreign enterprises have competed in product quality, reliability, service and other aspects, and the competition of intangible assets has also been launched on another invisible battlefield. So what is intangible assets? Galantu is understood as brand value. As we all know, a brand can enjoy a high reputation in the hearts of users only if it can stand the training of the market. The most important factor to enhance brand value is industrial design. Literally, everyone will define the concept of industrial design as the design of industrial products based on engineering, aesthetics and economics. Jialantu believes that perfect industrial design is the whole process of fine control from all links of design, mold, fine manufacturing, testing, trial production and mass production, so that the design idea can be accurately penetrated, and the one-stop and unbiased achievement transformation and service can be provided if the inspection and negotiation get better results

looking at the just concluded 13th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition, galantu observed that this machinery exhibition, like the domestic machinery exhibition or large-scale equipment exhibition, is in an unplanned product "naked Exhibition". The booth design has no bright spots, can not attract more target customers, and does not show the product advantages and enterprise characteristics. Our eyes are still on the traditional sense, only focusing on what we want to show, how many target customers will stay in our booth, how we can accommodate the most exhibits with the smallest space, how to save our booth expenses, etc. However, in the exhibition, the booth can be said to be the business card of an enterprise, and the size, design and appearance of the booth must be perfect and meet the competitive standards, In order to make the enterprise in an invincible position in the exhibition. The success of a booth in the future exhibition will not be judged by whether its booth is gorgeous and luxurious, but by its communication ability, the concepts it expresses, the functionality determined by the booth and the connotation of the exhibits themselves. We should not rush to design in order to participate in the exhibition, but should closely combine the product research and development with the development route of the enterprise at the beginning, and make an overall plan. The development and design of any product should return to the product itself, reflect the function of the product, let the product carry the brand value, and meet the needs of users. Otherwise, the design above these steps will only express distortion due to the change of purpose

what should we pay attention to? The designers of galanto always adhere to industrial design, which is a process of cross integration of many scientific knowledge. On the basis of making full use of the principles of industrial design, psychology, communication, marketing, system theory, cybernetics and other disciplines, with the help of modern advanced technical means such as computers, they provide enterprises with the basis for product design decisions and the best action plan, In order to obtain the best economic specific analysis and exclusion benefits and social benefits

as a transition metal element of cathode material, at the beginning of 2012, several major actions in the construction machinery industry set off a wave of global integration, and international giants and domestic leading enterprises began to rethink their positioning, realize mergers and acquisitions, and explore overseas markets. After the construction machinery market goes out of the blowout and returns to the period of calm development, in addition to practicing their internal skills and improving product technological innovation, what development points can enterprises seek to make progress in the construction machinery industry? Maybe you can find some inspiration from this article

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