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The machinery industry is showing positive performance, and structural contradictions still exist.

recently, the list of China's top 100 enterprises in the machinery industry and top 30 enterprises in the automobile industry was released. At the "information conference of top 100 enterprises in China's machinery industry and top 30 enterprises in the automotive industry" hosted by the China Machinery Industry Federation and the China Automobile Industry Association, Wang Ruixiang, President of the China Machinery Industry Federation, pointed out that the shortlisted enterprises generally showed a sustained growth trend. In 2016, the total scale and average scale reached new highs, and China's machinery industry generally showed a steady and positive development trend, Major economic indicators showed restorative growth

at the same time, Wang Ruixiang also said that the structural contradictions accumulated in the machinery industry for a long time have not been fundamentally changed, new development formats and development models are far from being formed, the foundation for maintaining stable and healthy development is not solid, and there is a long way to go for industrial upgrading, the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and the realization of the transformation from big to strong

relevant data show that the scale of the top 100 mechanical enterprises in 2016 was 1.54 billion yuan, slightly higher than the previous year. The total scale reached 169.92 billion yuan, with an average scale of 16.992 billion yuan, both reaching a new high. Compared with the ranking of the top ten in the previous two years, the list basically has no change, but XCMG, Sany and Zoomlion in the construction machinery industry have moved one or two places behind due to the withdrawal of the city and other reasons, but they are still all in the top ten. However, considering the recent strong growth trend of the construction machinery industry, the overall recovery of the industry may be greater next year

Chen Bin, executive vice president of China Machinery Federation, said that the annual turnover rate of the top 100 mechanical companies was as high as 32% in 2005, and then decreased year by year, falling to 6% in 2012. However, it has increased in recent years, rising to 22% in 2016, indicating that the market is volatile and uncertainties have increased

according to the data released by China Machinery Association, the growth rate of mechanical added value from January to may 2017 was better than that of last year, but showed a downward trend month by month. For example, the growth rate from January to May was 10.7, 0.2 points lower than that from January to April. In addition, the total profit also showed the same trend. According to expert analysis, this is due to the recent large increase in the price of raw materials such as steel, which has increased the cost pressure of industrial enterprises

"the eye-catching performance of the year-on-year growth of output is the construction machinery products, which have maintained high-speed growth for 8 months." At the same time, Chen Bin also expressed concern. For example, the price index slowly rebounded, but it was far lower than the industrial and raw material indexes. The growth rate of fixed asset investment was still relatively low. After years of decline, the growth rate continued to shake at a low level and insert it into the shear groove. He said that the economic operation of the industry is still facing a certain downward pressure. The steel, coal, power, petroleum, chemical and other industries served by the machinery industry are generally in the period of in-depth adjustment of industrial structure, and their equipment demand is difficult to grow significantly in the short term. In addition, after years of rapid development, the social ownership of various mechanical products has reached a considerable scale, and the renewal, transformation and maintenance of existing equipment has become an important part of the demand, which increases the difficulty of incremental recovery

for this year's report on the development trend of the machinery industry, although the removal devices are worn or degraded, considering the pulling effect of the automotive industry on other machinery industries, Chen Bin predicts that the machinery industry will continue to stabilize and improve in 2017, and the industry operation will remain stable, but with the enhancement of environmental awareness, the growth rate will be lower than that in 2016; The annual growth rate of the added value of the machinery industry is about 7%, the growth rate of the main business income and profit is about 6%, and the export growth rate is expected to achieve moderate growth

Wang Ruixiang said that judging from the 13 years since the release of the top 100 mechanical and top 30 automotive companies, the shortlisted companies have generally shown a trend of sustained growth and development. In 2017, with the in-depth promotion of the "13th five year plan" and "made in China 2025", the implementation of special projects such as "strong foundation project" and major technological transformation and upgrading projects, the driving effect of industrial policies on the development and economic operation of the machinery industry will be further released. In particular, the issuance of the "guiding opinions on structural adjustment, transformation and efficiency increase of the machinery industry" aims at the shortcomings and contradictions in the development of the machinery industry, points out the direction for the development of the machinery industry and provides a good policy environment

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