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Machinery industry: the accelerated development of natural gas benefits from downstream application equipment

the development of natural gas industry boosts the demand for relevant equipment: the increase in the concentration of particulate matter in the atmosphere caused by coal combustion and automobile exhaust is an important factor in air pollution. Compared with traditional fossil energy, natural gas is an efficient and clean energy. Therefore, vigorously developing natural gas is one of the important ways to improve China's environmental problems. The development of China's natural gas industry will increase the demand for relevant natural gas equipment

the demand for LNG equipment used for the detection of this series of gas springs has entered the stage of rapid release: compared with traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles, LNG vehicles have obvious economy and environmental protection. Therefore, they have achieved rapid development in recent years. Although the current natural gas price has gradually increased by 23 The trend of automatic diagnosis function, but according to our calculation, even if the LNG price is increased from the current 4.5 yuan/cubic meter to 6 yuan/cubic meter in the future, LNG vehicles still have obvious economic advantages. From the perspective of gas source, although there is still a certain gap in China's natural gas supply at present, the natural gas utilization policy issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the energy administration clearly identifies natural gas vehicles as the priority development type, so the gas source is no longer the bottleneck of the development of natural gas vehicles. In the whole LNG related equipment, we focus on LNG liquefaction equipment, filling station equipment, engines and LNG gas supply system

the smart gas meter market has a broad space: with the promotion of urbanization in China and the rapid development of urban natural gas pipeline construction, the gas meter market contains huge opportunities. Compared with traditional gas meters, smart gas meters have many advantages, such as convenience, speed, low cost with a one-year deadline. Therefore, smart gas meters have gradually become the mainstream of China's gas meter market. It is conservatively estimated that the demand for smart gas meters in China is expected to maintain a compound growth of nearly 30% during the 12th Five Year Plan period

natural gas power generation equipment looks beautiful: although natural gas power generation has many advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, clean and environmental protection, insufficient gas source and high power generation cost are still insurmountable obstacles at present. We believe that in the short term, China's natural gas power generation is still mainly based on peak shaving, which is difficult to be popularized on a large scale

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