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New style of packaging for home and personal care products

in the home and personal care industry, there is great pressure to promote innovative products. They should not only first seize the attention of consumers, but also maintain the loyalty of consumers for a long time. Of course, value for money and product performance have a lot to do with the success and repeated purchase of each product, but it is packaging that can attract the attention of buyers at the beginning

therefore, there is no doubt that suppliers are mass producing a large number of novel seals, eye-catching labels and unique bottles. Tubed Products LLC in the United States has also added a rectangular hose to its plastic hose packaging series, and is developing other shapes of hoses, which are expected to be launched this year or early next year

experts explained that hose products mainly use polyethylene and polypropylene to extrude hose packaging materials. These materials are considered by marketers to be superior to laminated and crushable metal hoses, and easier to master and use and higher grade than can and bottle users

the power of pumps

non aerosol pumps and spray continue to maintain a popular form of product distribution, and are used in various products from baby care to perfume, sunscreen to hairdressing, aromatherapy to skin care. Marketers also continue to develop pumps and spray to make them smaller, more elegant, easier to use and more practical

the latest product from aba Packaging Corporation is Giselle series airless pump. According to the relevant person in charge of the company, the Giselle series is designed to be smoother and more functional than the traditional airless packaging

Valois in the United States is launching the easy product series, which uses the same small bottles, a combination of spray and lid that can be exchanged with each other. According to the relevant person in charge of the company, the starting device of this pump is completely invisible in the vial and has no contact with the metal or elastomer parts of the pump. It has a very soft and easy braking device to obtain the greatest ergonomic advantage. The easy lid is a detachable rod that can be resealed and then used. Easy's spray and cover are compatible with existing filling production lines, and can be decorated with Valois's completely invisible, four-color printed sample stick label to maximize the aesthetic impression. Valois uses some materials, such as Polyoxymethylene (POM), which is valued for its strength, and acrylonitrile styrene copolymer (SAN) and Surlyn, which attract marketers and consumers because of its transparency

airspray international also launched a new symmetry lotion pump this year. According to reports, because of its aesthetic design, materials and internal components, symmetry is not like any lotion pump on the market at present. "Our distributor is developed from high impact copolymerized polypropylene. This material, which is not often used in distributor pumps, has been highly evaluated because of its quality, strength, durability and appearance, and has been approved by FDA," the relevant person said. "Symmetry lotion pump has a 4ml outlet and sp28/410 standard polished neck. For kitchens and bathrooms that need more dosage, as well as skin moisturizers, shampoos, body lotion and shower products, sunscreen products, baby care and dish cleaning applications, this patented dispenser is easy to use and does not need to redesign the core products."

the person in charge also added that the ergonomic, soft and tactile brake feels comfortable, operates accurately and reflects easy-to-use high quality. Passing the relative humidity of 80%; A technology that uses fewer moving parts than traditional lotion pumps has enhanced its reliability and convenience. The error free pump lock and waterproof design add value to the refreshing and effective consumer application experience

transformation from glass to plastic

for container manufacturers, the problem of whether to use plastic or glass has existed for a long time. Each kind of material passive needle can't stop at any position well, it has its advantages and disadvantages; Each material is more suitable for some products than other materials. However, the latest trend in the packaging field seems to be changing towards the use of more plastics

according to the relevant person of ABA packaging, the company has always been one of the suppliers of cosmetics glass packaging in stock. However, in recent years, ABA has expanded its product range to include PETG and other plastic packaging to meet consumer needs

American MH plastics has applied various materials in the production of its packaging bottles, including high-density polyethylene HDPE, HDPE Coex, PVC, ground PVC, PETG, PP and experimental Pete that can adapt to different tested samples to change the mechanical properties. According to the company, HDPE Coex materials are becoming more and more popular among consumers. "Rubberized material gives a package and provides consumers with a better grasp of the soft touch. This is particularly important in packaging applications that will come into contact with water, that is, sun protection, bathing and shower, and beauty spa products," he explained

m h also introduced in mold sanding for PVC and Pete packaging. This gives the package a look of etched glass that is attractive to many marketers of high-end products. The traditional frosted decoration is completed by a third party as a secondary processing. In mold sanding can help reduce the cost of sanding and avoid the additional treatment of traditional sanding technology, the expert pointed out

The relevant marketing director of arrowpak explained, "we are seeing an increase in the use of acrylic cans and bottles and the use of PETG. The reason behind this is that (these materials) can use plastic to provide a very luxurious appearance, while at the same time providing compatibility with cosmetics ingredients." However, glass has not been completely eliminated. Arrowpak recommends that consumers still consider glass bottles and cans for their high-end products

"at present, there is a trend towards UV coating and paint polishing on glass to prevent product wear. As the formula becomes more complex and sensitive to light, the demand for protecting the contents continues to grow," the person in charge said. "The spray paint coating of packaging bottles also provides a new level of decoration for marketers looking for classic shapes in the new era. Decoration equipment is becoming more creative and gaining more opportunities to provide a unique appearance while using inventory packaging. This enables companies to obtain a customized appearance for private label design to save processing."

size innovation

in the past year, tubed products has launched a new and larger capacity spa size hose packaging to meet the industry's demand for "super large" packaging. The economical size, imposing shelf appearance and expanded decorative area are now reflected in the new/16 inch diameter spa size hose

a relevant person of the company commented that "the new large-size hose is impacting the bath, body and personal care market." "The increase in the size of super spa is in response to the growing demand of consumers for a high-capacity plastic extruded hose package with an expanded graphic display area. Tubed products has met this demand by adding super hoses. The large size ensures a more influential display in beauty salons, popular stores and Spa care, as well as traditional retail devices and large supermarket outlets."

spa size super hose can hold up to 399 ml/13.5 liquid ounces of content, and can accept full-size/8 inch vertical distribution seals. The decoration options suitable for spa size super include lithography, silk printing, foil stamping, aluminum ironing and labeling, as well as a combination of eye-catching decoration technologies decided by customers

on the other hand, the package is the same and has appropriate elongation; It can also be mini and fully functional. Valois experts said that designers are asking for smaller and lower pumps, and eclipse pump is one of the micropumps on the market. "Due to its low stacking height, it gives designers the greatest degree of freedom when designing their perfume packaging. The perfume in it will not contact any metal or elastic parts at all, thus protecting the fragrance. The braking device of this pump is completely invisible in the packaging bottle."

the latest product from emsar is elegance, a very miniature pump with a stacking height of only more than 11 mm. According to the company's global marketing director, elegance gives designers more flexibility to create the packaging design they want, and its launch is to follow the long-term trend towards smaller and smaller pumps in perfume. "The elegance pump provides a particularly excellent spray. It is easy to drive and can distribute a fine spray that is very ideal for perfume," the person in charge said, "The 13 and 15 mm pumps have a very effective pre compression feature suitable for very consistent and fine spray. Elegance is designed to provide easier compatibility with perfume because the spring and metal ring are not in contact with the product. Now the package has two doses, 70 and 100 MCL, so marketers can provide the appropriate amount of spray for the product."

emsar is also providing a new mini Mist - a very small portable extrusion spray, which provides a very fine particle breakup for a fine spray. This mini is a complete multi-in-one 3 ml package with a wide range of pattern areas suitable for decoration. It provides consumers with a system that is extremely portable, easy to open and re lock. Mini mist is designed for products such as breath fresheners, body fresheners and perfume

the future lies in safety

however, packaging is not only to attract consumers' attention, but also to contain and protect the products in it. Product tampering has long been a problem for packers and food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers. However, the personal care industry has lagged behind in providing products with anti opening packaging to some extent

traditionally, tamper evidence is not a major concern of such companies, but the threat of counterfeiting has reminded these businesses of the importance of tamper evidence

in the past, inductive sealing required a cover. Enercon's induction sealer heats the foil liner in the lid and then melts a polymer that binds the edges of the container. Enercon recently introduced a rotating, indexing desktop inductive sealing technology for containers without lids. The sealing before capping/lidding enables the manufacturer to conduct 100

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