The hottest new social governance model in Qingdao

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The "136" new model of social governance in Qingdao West Coast new area has provided a model for grass-roots social governance.

since this year, Qingdao West Coast new area has taken the lead in the modernization of social governance. With the wisdom and courage of "co creation and integration, good governance and success", it has promoted the modernization of social governance system and governance capacity, and built a set of "136" new model of social governance in the west coast with system, three systems and six modernizations, It provides experience that can be used for reference, copied and popularized for innovative social governance

interpret the "136" new model of social governance on the West Coast: the key is institutional innovation, with the focus on the city. By the end of 2020, China's nonferrous metal industry has entered the ranks of world powers. The township community, with the means of "six modernizations of governance", is not only a vivid practice of "building a social governance pattern of co construction, CO governance and sharing", but also a concrete embodiment of the spirit of the "first try, good work and good success" New Area in the field of social governance

the working concept has changed from social management to social governance, the guiding ideology has changed from emphasizing development and ignoring governance to paying equal attention to development and governance, and the focus of town and street work has changed from attracting investment to social factors, which have made domestic detection instruments difficult to manage... The west coast has vigorously promoted the reform of the global governance system, It has taken the lead in building a three-level linkage institutional framework of "overall planning of new areas, strong governance of towns and streets, and emphasis on the foundation of communities" in the country: a social governance Working Committee has been established at the district level, with the Secretary of the Working Committee (District Committee) as the director, under which there are four special committees for government overall planning, social coordination, public participation, and legal security, with relevant district leaders as the director, and the first district level social governance center in China has been innovatively established, with the executive deputy secretary of the political and Legal Committee of the working committee as the director, Organize and lead social governance work; Reform and innovate the administrative system of towns and streets, strip the streets of their economic functions such as attracting investment, highlight the strengthening of social governance, set up social governance centers and linkage command centers, and coordinate the comprehensive management, justice, conflict mediation and other work under the jurisdiction; Strengthen the construction of urban and rural community residents' committees, divide several governance grids, set up social governance workstations, and restructure the "one grid, one station, one residence" community governance model

adhere to the sinking of management, services and resources to the community. With grass-roots governance as the focus, the West Coast took the lead in launching urban and rural community governance norms, implementing the whole region grid group governance, setting up the social governance mobile workstation, and innovating the mass appeal handling mechanism, creating a new situation in grass-roots social governance. This year, since the launch of the centralized action of "running things around the people" in the West Coast new area of Qingdao, more than 130000 things around the people have been handled and settled, with a settlement rate of more than 95% and a return visit satisfaction of 90%. It can be said that "things that benefit the people will flourish."

in addition to the body material experimental machine, integrating contemporary advanced technology into 1 system and mechanism innovation and sinking the focus of governance, the west coast is also ingenious in working methods

the West Coast innovated and implemented the "six modernizations" governance of "standardization, socialization, specialization, intelligence, rule of law and timeliness", and explored and formed a new path of grass-roots social governance with the characteristics of "Fengqiao Experience" in the new era

relying on the "six modernizations" governance, more than 4000 full-time and part-time qualified personnel, 46 social governance mobile workstations and more than 100000 social governance volunteers in the region are active on the stage of grass-roots governance; The three-level interconnected social governance information platform of districts, towns and communities has been established, covering the basic information of 2million people, 260000 enterprises, 23000 road video surveillance, 78 types of urban components and other data information. The basic database provides a strong information support for the research, judgment and disposal of social governance events; Establish the "1510" public appeal disposal mechanism, innovate the three-level supervision system, and ensure that public appeals are echoed in everything, and the accuracy of force value: within 1 of the indicated value, there is implementation... The West Coast continues to move towards good governance. "Problems that occur at any time are like human skin. Where it is inflamed, quickly sprinkle some medicine, and where it is bleeding, quickly stick a band aid." As Lin Fenghai, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the political and Legal Affairs Commission, said at the provincial municipal social governance innovation promotion meeting held on July 17, the "governance change" of social governance in the west coast has solved a large number of grass-roots social governance issues involving social security, dispute mediation, production safety, urban management, livelihood services, etc., provided high-quality soil for the society to play its due vitality, and improved the people's sense of security, gain Happiness

in the future, the west coast will continue to adhere to people-oriented, problem-oriented, always cherish the heart of the people, earnestly carry out actions that benefit the people, constantly improve the modernization level of social governance, and strive to promote the social governance of the west coast to take the lead in the province and the country

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