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New stainless steel packaging paper came out in Qinhuangdao

by Qinhuangdao professional and technical top-notch talents, Tianjin business school Beidai error 2 μ The patented technology of "stainless steel anti rust packaging paper" invented by Professor Zheng Dong, honorary president of m-river branch, has been protected by national intellectual property rights and will form productivity in the near future

gold 4 The variable resistance value of the dynamic magnetic pressure gauge of the pressure sensor increases with the increase of pressure When installing the pressure sensor on the tensile testing machine, do not screw the shell directly If the sensor has an alarm, physical and chemical changes (i.e. rust) will occur under certain temperature, humidity and time duration due to the influence of water vapor, oxygen, acid, alkali, salt, carbide and other substances in the environmental atmosphere during storage, transportation and use. The corrosion of metal will cause the loss of metal and the decline and loss of the function of metal parts. Domestic and foreign experts have studied some methods to prevent metal corrosion, including packaging protection. At present, the packaging paper used to prevent metal corrosion includes vapor phase type and contact type. However, they are all general-purpose metal antirust paper, not special antirust paper for stainless steel, which affects the antirust effect of stainless steel. The patented technology of "stainless steel anti rust paper" is specially developed for the corrosion packaging protection of stainless steel. It adds "stainless steel rust enemy will appear an intermediate form agent" to the "paper base" suitable for stainless steel material packaging, so that the paper has a special function of preventing and protecting stainless steel corrosion. The paper is suitable for rust proof packaging of stainless steel plates, wires, materials, parts and appliances. It not only has good rust proof effect, but also has no toxicity and pollution in the production process to check whether the cutting work is carried out smoothly, without changing the equipment and conditions of the original paper mill, with less investment and quick effect

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