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Take new steps sumeda shares sign Vietnam photovoltaic project again

take new steps sumeda shares sign Vietnam photovoltaic project again

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recently, Jiangsu sumeida complete equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of sumeida Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "sumeida Co., Ltd.), affiliated to Sinomach group, signed an EPC contract for Jinlan 64 MWP photovoltaic power station with central power CPC company, a subsidiary of Vietnam national power. This project is also the first photovoltaic power station project invested by Vietnam national power

it is worth mentioning that the CHP 62 MWP photovoltaic power station project in Vietnam undertaken by sumeda before is a 60 MW photovoltaic project obtained by sumeda complete set company after Vietnam issued the photovoltaic subsidy policy for the first time, and it is also the first photovoltaic power station in Vietnam to obtain PPA. At present, the design, procurement and construction progress of the project h. The software has the function of historical test data demonstration, which has exceeded the expected progress. It has entered the commissioning stage, and is expected to generate electricity in advance

the government work report of this year's two sessions proposed to promote the joint construction of the "the Belt and Road", adhere to joint discussion, joint construction and sharing, promote infrastructure interconnection, strengthen the international production capacity cooperation of national construction, survey, design, construction, supervision and other units and individuals involved, and expand third-party market cooperation. As the only ASEAN country in the 65 countries along the "the Belt and Road" and adjacent to China, Vietnam is an important partner of the "the Belt and Road"

in the future, SUMEC will continue to focus on the national development strategy, continue to improve its core competitiveness, actively participate in the EPC, trade and investment businesses of Myanmar, India, Indonesia, Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries along the "the Belt and Road", and continue to help the specific implementation of the national "the Belt and Road" initiative, Make contributions to the economic and social development of more countries and regions around the world

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