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Transfer printing - a new special printing process

transfer printing is a new printing process, which is divided into transfer film, transfer paper printing and transfer processing. The transfer film printing uses dot printing (with a resolution of 300dpi) to pre print the patterns on the surface of the film. The printed patterns have rich levels, bright colors, myriad changes, small color difference and good reproducibility, which can meet the requirements of the designer, and are suitable for mass production; Transfer processing: the exquisite patterns on the transfer film are transferred to the product surface through one-time processing (heating and pressurization) of the heat transfer machine. After forming, the ink layer is fused with the product surface, which is lifelike and beautiful, and greatly improves the grade of the product. Transfer paper and scalding transfer film are the materials required for the outer packaging of high and middle grade plastic products, which can be provided to users according to the patterns and specifications set by users

the transfer film products are used in the tensile test of artificial wood, canvas, curtains, copper and other materials. Recently, they have a wide range of applications, such as PP, PS, ABS, PVC, PE plastic granulation. The speech of bimashe flexible packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. touched on the latest sterile packaging technology and solutions for medical devices. The environmental pollution of machines is also quite serious. PC, wood, plexiglass products, etc. can also be used in furniture, plastic barrels, paint barrels Office stationery, mirror frames, electrical products, building decoration materials, cosmetics packaging, medical equipment, daily necessities, hand decorations, lighters, chopsticks, etc. Because the transfer process is simple, fast, pollution-free, and the transferred pictures and texts have bright colors and strong adhesion, they are widely used for the surface decoration of stationery, daily necessities, cosmetics, electrical appliances and toy products since 2012. Its transfer surface can achieve high gloss effect, with rich pattern layers, bright colors, small color difference and good reproducibility

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