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Sichuan HuaSu has added six new production lines

the expansion of market demand is the driving force for the development and progress of the enterprise. Over the past few years, with the unremitting efforts and enterprising of HuaSu people, Sichuan HuaSu brand has made a deep impression in the hearts of more and more customers. Therefore, the market scope of HuaSu products is expanding day by day, and the sales volume is also increasing day by day. The reality that supply exceeds demand has become an irresistible trend in front of HuaSu people. Therefore, it is also urgent to expand production capacity

in order to quickly alleviate the current situation of profile supply exceeding demand, according to the specific production situation of Sichuan HuaSu and Nanchong HuaSu, 6 new extrusion production lines and 12 new molds were added in Nanchong HuaSu in July this year. Subsequently, the line increase and production expansion work in Sichuan HuaSu was gradually carried out

the input of six production lines doubled the profile production capacity of Nanchong HuaSu on the original basis, that is, 300 ~ 360 tons of profiles can be added per month, reaching the production scale of 700 tons of plastic profiles per month, and the added value of 450000 ~ 5k50000 yuan per month to the company's endocrine research Institute (Dusseldorf), which played a decisive role in ensuring that the supply of profiles exceeded the demand

"BaoJianFeng comes from sharpening, and the fragrance of spring plum comes from bitter cold." HuaSu people firmly believe that with its unique corporate culture and distinctive corporate spirit, it will realize the desire to grow from small to large, from weak to strong, and finally achieve the grand goal of going nationwide and reaching the top three

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